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Title: 67-70 Mustang Taillight buckets replated
Post by: acman63 on September 09, 2019, 02:20:34 PM
I had to do two sets for customers in house so I guess I caould add these to the list of things we do for other restorers.  I cleaned them,  lightly glass beaded to make it easier to strip off the old plating. Stripped off the plating with Muriatic Acid,  Hammered and Dollyed any dings out.  Glass beaded again.  Put in my tumbler to make a nice even finish before going to get re=plated.   The pics are of the buckets all prepped and ready to go to platers.  We can repaint the white on the inside of the 69 and 70 versions as well  920 434 3645

PS   since we are always at the mercy of plating companies - this may take awhile maybe 4-6 weeks.  I may have some for exchange as well