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I have both a very early Kirkham #0021 (built by Chuck Gutke exact as original from a Kirkham roller). And an original unrestored 1965 Jaguar E type OTS #1E10701 with the 4.2 L. Both cars are fun as well as a challenge to work on and to drive. I can see why they were fierce competitors back in the day.  David Kirkham builds a Daytona coupe now with the aluminum body. I believe he just finished # 14. He posts regularly on FB with his work. And is very easy to talk to online. His factory is in Utah and the bodies are made at an old MIG plant in Poland. You can build it exactly as original with the suspension, engine, electrics, etc. Or do a more modern chassis and drivetrain. The craftsmanship is superb both in the metal work and machine work. You can get a polished aluminum body to leave bare or a filed one to paint. My car is painted black and is now almost 25 years old. He now fabricates quite a bit of the parts used out of billet as to keep the quality supreme as well. I believe most of the coupes as well as quite a few of the Cobras are raced on a regular basis.

Louisiana Region SAAC / 2018 Louisiana SAAC Event
« on: April 14, 2018, 08:31:19 PM »
Come celebrate 50 years of the 1968 Shelby
Shane Fowler’s garage with food, drinks, and plenty of car talk with Louisiana SAAC members and Lafayette Cars and Coffee
 We will be joined by Lafayette Cars and Coffee.
Saturday, May 12th from 8-2 p.m.
287 Mecca Drive, Lafayette LA

 RSVP to Ted Warren

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