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1965 GT350/R-Model / Re: GT 40 heads idenification help please
« on: August 27, 2020, 05:54:35 PM »
For those who might be interested:  One idiosyncrasy specific to the original 1960s FoMoCo C6FE 289 cylinder heads was the bolt hole to the right side of each exhaust port was drilled through into the water jacket.  Back in the day, after seeing water seeping out near several exhaust ports, more than one mechanic concluded the head was cracked.

The preferred cure was to install a short set screw (with sealant) deep under the header bolt, or apply sealant to the header bolt threads.

As Randy correctly posted, cracks in original C6FE heads were quite common.  Usually, the cracks occurred at the lower outer corners of the head. 

If you're a serious Gulf GT40 enthusiast this might be of interest:  Ebay item # 124247357762.  A full set of mint condition MAGNESIUM BRM wheels & NEW OLD STOCK Firestone tires for a Gulf GT40 (a $10 million to $35 million car).

Cory ,
    That is a "newer" version than mine. Mine has the fins going front to back and has two COBRA logos ( similar to a '65 intake) in between the outer fins on each side.

Less than ten cast alum Cobra C4 deep pans (like Cory's) were made in the late 70's to early 80's. So, they are nearly 40 years old.  As Randy said, the pans came with a steel bolt on extension to place a Chrysler Torq filter close to the bottom of the pan. The COBRA script was done to compliment the COBRA script on the engine oil pan.  Very heavy 356-T6 casting (think bubba with a floor jack).

Sad to report that another great automotive racing icon has passed away:  Mr. John Horsman. 

John was world famous for his time developing/engineering/managing early racing Aston Martins, Ford Advanced Vehicles GT40s, JWAE Gulf GT40s, Porsches & Mirages.  Not too long ago he put together a fantastic book describing his career during the golden age of racing:  RACING IN THE RAIN.   

John was always a true gentlemen and he will be truly missed.  Condolences to his wife Janet and his four daughters.  God speed John.

I have a few accordion seals available for reservoirs & master cylinders. 

Convert your Cobra or GT40 to a SEALED brake/clutch fluid system.  Stops water absorption into your brake fluid - moisture which can cause expensive repairs due to corroded master cylinders, brake calipers & clutch slave internals. 

Fits standard Girling 1-3/8 ID steel reservoir canisters (e.g. 427 Cobra, GT40) and some master cylinders w/ internal reservoirs (e.g. 289 Cobra clutch, etc).  The length of the accordion seal also fits Girling combined reservoirs (e.g. GT40 rear brake & clutch reservoir). 

Simply remove the old rubber seal under the cap and install this accordion seal and save hundreds in repair costs & annual fluid changes.  Send PM for more info.  $38.50 each plus $5 for 1st class mail.

CSX 2000 Series / Re: Original Coupes
« on: January 02, 2020, 06:43:15 PM »
CSX#2287's alum body panels were shaped by Cal Metal artisans using Yoder power hammers. 

Carrozzeria Gransport in Modena used the traditional Italian method of mallet on wood stump to shape the other five Daytona alum body panels. 

Supposedly, the same wood station buck was used for all of the Daytona's. 

However, several issues arose that affected the body shape/profile of each Daytona: differences in the tubular superstructure of each car, warpage of the main frame tubes when the triangulation tubing were brazed to them and confusion converting fractional measurements to millimeters in Modena. 

History tells us all the little discrepancies didn't matter as much back in the analog days of racing, as the super talented combination of Brock/Fabricators/Mechanics/Drivers of Shelby American (and Alan Mann) turned the Daytona's into true World Champions. 

GT40 - Original/Mk V / Re: Rarely seen pics
« on: December 06, 2019, 06:12:23 AM »
Notice the tie rod between the lower & upper windshield frame?  Having the windshield hit you in the face at Daytona speed is a scary thought.  Recall driving a 427 (with the soft top up) at 120+ and there was 1/2" of air between the windshield glass & top frame.  Made a tie rod for it immediately.

Just added a couple more AC Cobra Shelby items up for auction. Paxton air cleaner cutout template, item #123994560211.  AC Cars paint chip fan. :)

GT40 - Original/Mk V / Re: Rarely seen pics
« on: November 29, 2019, 07:21:29 AM »
Bill & Honker:  Thanks for posting the GT40 & Cobra pics.  The pic of the Gurney Cobra on the Daytona banks has been my favorite for many years.  I even bought the large Road & Track print of it back in the day. 

Cool Dan Gurney Road & Track comp 289 Cobra print on ebay, item # 123992930101.  Some other stuff can be found by clicking on the ebay link showing seller's other items.  Thanks for looking.

Wanted to Buy / Re: Girling reservoir white plastic filters wanted
« on: September 25, 2019, 01:08:58 PM »
Thanks to y'all for the quick responses - filters no longer needed.

Wanted to Buy / Re: Girling reservoir white plastic filters wanted
« on: September 25, 2019, 06:45:41 AM »
Thank you - but looking for some located in the USA.

Wanted to Buy / Girling reservoir white plastic filters wanted
« on: September 24, 2019, 05:44:38 PM »
Anyone have some spare white plastic filters that fit inside the fill neck of Girling reservoirs?  One of the known Girling filter part numbers is:  #64473410 (on underside of filter). There may be other part numbers, too.  Thanks!

Ask a Registrar / Re: 1967 Cobra Who Now Owns My Old Cobra CSX3275 ?
« on: September 05, 2019, 05:17:16 PM »
Assume this may be the same "RB" who owned an original Corvette Grand Sport?  ;)

Bump to the top... :)

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