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1967 Shelby GT350/500 / 67 Shelby instrument cluster paint.
« on: July 26, 2020, 07:03:28 AM »
Hello everyone.
I am in the process of restoring a 67 instrument cluster( new bezel/bulbs/ diffusers/wiring/voltage regulator ect) the back of the instrument cluster is very clean and not rusty at all where all the wiring bulb holders attach and on the inside the white paint is good as well however I figure since I'm replacing everything what are your recommendations on blasting the instrument gauge backing plate (obviously all gauges removed) and what about replacing the white paint finish on the inside that the gauges all bolt to. What brand paint and finish is best I believe it's a flat white not gloss however I could be wrong and it may have of course changed slightly and aged with time.
Just wondered if anyone that's done this before may have some information or maybe best to just clean and leave alone?
Any help is appreciated. Many thanks everyone. Have a nice day and stay safe.

1967 Shelby GT350/500 / 1967 Shelby shoulder harness mounting bolt.
« on: May 30, 2020, 04:02:22 PM »
Hello everyone. I am mounting the shoulder harness's back in a 67 Shelby. The question I have is do they use the same style seat belt bolt, as the lap belts that anchor on the floor pan to mount the retractors to the roll bar(gold cadmium hexagon head style). I have the Branda 67 Shelby assembly manual but its hard to tell. If any one can post a picture or help with information would be much appreciated.
Many Thanks
Have a nice day

Appeals / 1965 mustang gt350 Go Kart
« on: May 30, 2020, 03:49:39 PM »
Hello Everyone. I am looking for some help or information if possible. I remember many years ago now maybe 2006 at the fall Carlisle car show I was walking around the car corral area and remember seeing a gentlemen driving a miniature gt350 go kart. I remember stopping the fellow and asking him if I could take a quick photo as I thought the go kart was cool. I have been trying to do some research recently and just wondered if anyone may know where I could purchase one of these go karts bodies for myself or if anyone on the forum has any information about them or maybe even has one themselves. I remember the one I saw years ago was white with blue stripes and was a good replica of a 1965 gt350. If anyone has any information please if you could post or pm as I would like to build one for my Nephew who is a mustang fan.
Thanks for any help given.
Have a nice day.

1967 Shelby GT350/500 / 67 shelby tailight wiring harness.
« on: May 21, 2020, 07:46:36 PM »
Hello everyone.
I am just looking for some advice and general information from people that may have done this before. I am installing a new taillight harness in a 67 Shelby, I have the Osborne manuals handy and understand how to install it and where everything goes my real question is how much of the rear interior do I have to disassemble to be able to feed the harness through to the trunk? Is it possible to remove the hockey rear interior molding that (goes behind the roll bar that covers the rear sail vent panel and rear lower quarter panel) and be able to loosen the screws that hold the rear sail vent panel and slide the rear lower quarter interior trim panel with the sail light down and out? or do you pretty much have to remove the two roof trim panels, then the sail vent panels and then the rear lower interior panels to be able to achieve the goal of feeding the new harness through?
The fold down seat is in the car however the base and back portion(the upholstered pieces are out) if that helps at all.
Just thought I would ask for some general help and advice and how people have approached this job before. I must admit removing all those panels seems daunting :-\ however what will be will be I guess.
Thank you for any help and advice.
All the best

1967 Shelby GT350/500 / 1967 Shelby Automatic Shifter wiring.
« on: March 31, 2020, 04:21:21 PM »
Hello Everyone
I have a few questions as regards the 1967 Shelby automatic shifter lever, shifter wiring and handle.
I have tried searching on the web and in parts catalogs because I always like to learn however I am unsure on a few questions. Due to being in lockdown as well(coronavirus) I can not access my assembly line manuals which I am sure would answer one of my questions. So I wish to apologise for asking these questions if they are trivial.
The first question is did all the 1967 Shelby's receive the standard chrome automatic shifter handle or did they receive the deluxe shifter handle(leather look but is actually plastic) I believe its the chrome handle however was unsure.
The second question is regards to the automatic shifter light I have searched on NPD and ACP, I believe there are two styles early and late. The only difference I believe is the plug on the end of the shifter light harness? Which style was used the most through out the production of the 67 shelby's and when was the change over date?
The last questions is the wiring from the shifter light to the under dash harness. I understand from the pictures that the shifter light has a 8 inch wiring harness with a plug on the end(early /late being different from what I can tell) however I am assuming it is not long enough to plug in to the under dash harness(or maybe it is, it just doesn't look it).so I assume there must be a extension harness that plugs into the shifter light end of the harness and then goes up to the under dash harness illumination feed.(I so wish I had my assembly line electrical manual I feel a fool asking these questions)
So again I looked on NPD and EBAY and found somebody selling an original extension harness on eBay ford part #C7ZB-15A808-A however some are listed as fitting 67 mustangs with a center console and some are not and to the best of my knowledge I know the 67 Shelby's did not have the center console. So is there a different extension harness used (part number# ?) for the normal mustangs and Shelby's with out the center console using the standard automatic shifter? and if so does somebody happen to know the part number and if Alloy metals make a reproduction of it as again I cant not find anything online or even in parts catalogs? Again I assume there must be an early and late version due to having what looks like different plugs on the end of the shifter light harness. Or maybe I'm wrong and the shifter doesn't have an extension wiring harness and the wiring on the shifter light is long enough to plug in to the under dash feed on a non equip center console cars? If any one has some information or photos and can point me in the right direction would be great. I am doing some homework in advance while on lockdown.
Thanks again to everyone for your time and help in advance and hope your are all staying safe and well through this bad period.
All the best, have a nice day
Dave :)

The Lounge / 67 Gauge cluster questions
« on: March 11, 2020, 08:12:33 PM »
Hello everyone I hope I have posted this question in the correct place, I tried looking for a technical section but could not find one so I hope this is posted in the right place. My apologies if not.
I have a friend with a 67 gt mustang coupe, ask me some questions the other day and wasn't sure what advice to give him so I thought I would post here and ask for peoples views and opinions.
The two questions are my friend has his gauge cluster out the car because his 2speed wiper switch quit working would you recommend a new repro 2speed wiper switch or get a nos unit off the internet?
Secondly the constant voltage regulator on the back of the gauge cluster that drops the voltage to the gauges if you where to replace it, again would you get a nos unit off the internet or the newer modern electronic constant voltage regulators that are meant to be better and more precise?
Anyone body's help, thoughts and opinions much appreciated.
Many thanks for the help and advice
Have a nice day

Appeals / Any saac forum members living in Canada?
« on: October 10, 2019, 06:43:50 PM »
Hello everyone.
I have a question/problem. I am currently trying to purchase some parts for my vehicle and the parts are in Canada. I was wondering if there was any saac forum members on here living in Canada that maybe able to help or would be willing to help.
The person I am trying to purchase parts from will not ship out of Canada to the USA. So I was wondering if there would be any saac members that maybe able to help me with forwarding on some parts to the USA from Canada and of course I would happily pay for the service/help.
Thank you all very much for your time and if you may be able to help me please pm.
Thank you very much have a nice day.

Wanted to Buy / Wanted ford FE crane adjustable rockers
« on: August 28, 2019, 04:12:01 AM »
I am currently looking for a new set (x16)of crane cams ford fe adjustable rockers part number I believe is #34772-16.
If anyone has a new set for sale or any leads please email me.
Many thanks for your help.
Have a nice day.

SAAC Forum Discussion Area / Isky or crane fe adjustable rockers
« on: August 20, 2019, 04:13:50 PM »
Hello everyone.
I have a lot of respect for the knowledge and wisdom on this forum and I am after some words of wisdom regarding adjustable rockers for a Ford fe engine soI hope I have posted this question in the right place on the forum.
I am currently building a 445 fe stroker engine for in a 67 gt500 and shelving the original engine so that the original motor is safe and if the stroker motor should go bank while having fun the original motor is safe.
The idea behind the engine is to go slightly better than a factory motor for example stroker motor equals more cubic 445 vs 428 inches,forged crank shaft instead of cast, aluminium cylinder heads instead of cast iron and so on, all the while trying to make it look like a original 67 500 motor as best as possible.(keeping original intake manifold, rocker covers ,air cleaner, pulleys ,accessory brackets)
I have a question regarding rockers I know from the factory I believe the rockers were no adjustable shaft mounted and again following the theme I thought I would upgrade to adjustable.
I wasn’t sure if roller rockers like the shelby engine co roller rockers would fit under the original 67 500 rocker covers so I figured well what about crane or isky versions of the factory adjustable rockers which I believe are 1.76.1 ratio.
Does anyone have any information or advice regarding what is best to use? Roller or factory adjustable and what experiences people have had with different brands Or any other words of wisdom. I appreciate the kind words or any advice anyone can give me from there experiences in life.
Thank you all once again for your help.
Have a nice day
Dave :)

Wanted to Buy / 1967 mustang /shelby nos parts wanted
« on: July 31, 2019, 03:02:20 PM »
Hello everyone
I am looking for the following items and thought I would ask here first.
If anyone can help me I am looking for the following NOS ford items.
1x nos 67 mustang/ shelby front LH vent window frame handle #C6OZ-6222917-A
1x nos 67 mustang/ shelby front RH vent window frame handle #C6OZ-6222916-A
1x nos 67 mustang/ shelby front doors and ignition lock set #C9AZ-6222050-A
1x nos 67 mustang / shelby heater blower motor switch non ac #C7ZZ-18578-A
If anyone has the following items for sale or can help with leads in anyway please pm me.
Thank you all for your help.
Have a nice day

Wanted to Buy / Ford 390 fe engine block.
« on: October 06, 2018, 07:19:20 PM »
Hello everyone
I am currently looking for a ford 390 fe bare engine block standard bore hydraulic lifter motor (1966) and up.
If anyone in pa has one( as that's where I'm based) and will be attending the Hershey show next week i could collect from the show and pay in person if preferred or pick up directly.
Pm if you have one for sale with the price.
Any help or leads are much appreciated.
Many thanks
Have a nice day

Wanted to Buy / 1967 shelby GT 500 shifter mechanism
« on: October 02, 2018, 06:51:13 PM »
Hello Everyone.
I am currently looking for a 1967 shelby gt500 shifter mechanism for a customer.  I believe these shifter mechanisms had a extra piece weld on them as part of the special handling package available on mustangs I believe? I maybe wrong on that.
If anyone has one for sale please contact me and send me a pm.
I know this is a long shot and I'm sure they are hard to find however if you don't ask you never know.
Any help, information or leads are much appreciated as always.
Thank you for your time.
Have a nice day

Ask a Registrar / 1968 shelby gt350
« on: October 02, 2018, 06:25:08 PM »
I have friend that is looking to purchase a 1968 shelby gt350. I forwarded him the 68 shelby registrars name and email address however I was wondering if anyone might have a contact number for the 68 shelby registrar  Vincent Liska.
Thank you all for any help you may be able to provide.
Many thanks
Have a nice day

The Lounge / 427 ford fe harmonic balancer
« on: September 24, 2018, 09:37:40 PM »
Hello everyone
I hope I have posted this question in the correct area. My apologies if it is posted in the wrong place.
I am currently building a fe engine from scratch and am looking at buying a new 427 fe style harmonic balancer.
I have found two brands so far scat #sca-8009. And professional products #80009 both are the street brand rated safe to 6500 rpm non sfi approved.
They then make some slightly more expensive ones that are Sfi approved and rated good to 10000rpm well beyond my fe (6000rpm max) I believe you just change the 8 in the part number to a 9.
My question is has anyone used these brands and what was your experience?  Would you buy a sfi approved harmonic balancer instead even for a street motor? or can someone recommend a different route to go.
Thank you all very much for any help,advice or guidance you can give me.
Thank you very much
Have a nice day

Wanted to Buy / 289 ford 5 bolt engine block
« on: September 15, 2018, 07:09:23 PM »
Hello everyone.
I am currently looking for a non-hipo ford 289 engine block with main caps with the early 5 bolt bell housing bolt pattern. Standard bore would be nice however all offers considered.
I am based in Pennsylvania and will be attending the fall Carlisle car show and Hershey show so I could collect and pay in person at either of the shows if preferred.
I would like to try and find one if possible in pa or nearby.
Anybody with any help or information or contacts that could help me locate one would be much appreciated.
Even if it's a short block/long block or complete engine and leads appreciated.
Thank you all once again for your help.
Have a nice day

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