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The Lounge / Rockin' Down the Highway
« on: May 28, 2020, 09:08:23 PM »
Cars and music - two great tastes that taste great together.

Don't know how I'd missed this one, but heard it on the radio today and it made me chuckle.

Be patient and listen to the lyrics -

- Phillip

The Lounge / Detailed look at Holman-Moody '67 Mustang Race Car
« on: May 20, 2020, 07:55:10 PM »
If you like '60s era NASCAR style Grand American/Trans-Am race cars and you've got 30 minutes to kill -

- Phillip

Fascinating episode - Jay actually drives the concept.

- Phillip

I'm putting this under "Shelby American Racing" even tho this is from 1970.

Very cool vintage documentary on the '70 TA season.

As far as I'm concerned, vintage Trans-Am is the shiznit.

- Phillip

Up For Auction / '69 B429 with 13k miles
« on: April 04, 2020, 01:59:25 PM »
Saw this on eBay -

1969 Ford Mustang Boss 429

- Wimbledon White Fastback
- Boss 429 V8
- 4 Speed Manual


Remaining untouched, this complete and stock vehicle was purchased from the original owner in 1981. It was driven 30 miles home and then parked in the garage where it still sets today has not been driven since. The Polyglass tires are still holding air and original paint shines. Please refer to the spec sheet in featured pictures for factory details.

1968 Shelby GT350/500/500KR / GT500 Car Life Article from '68
« on: March 28, 2020, 11:10:17 AM »
Been spending some quality time with my vintage car magazines and noticed an article that is in the July 1968 issue of Car Life.

Titled "A Shelby GT 500 in Europe" it is written and illustrated by Stan Mott.

The car in the article is described as being 427 powered with "two blue stripes over the top" and having Marchals and a 4 speed. The cartoons appear to depict a '68.

Mott rides along with a Claude Baltensberger driving, but it isn't clear if Claude is also the owner.

Any info on this car?

- Phillip

1968 Shelby GT350/500/500KR / 1968 Hertz Sports Car Club Stuff
« on: March 23, 2020, 09:57:22 PM »
Wondering what all might be out there -

Certainly not as much as in 1966.

This is a scan of a small counter top brochure that I have. I've posted it in the past and my scan has shown up all over the place, including books and magazine articles.

Notice the 10 spokes on the Shelby.

Anybody have any other vintage Shelby/Hertz stuff from 1968?

- Phillip

Misc. For Sale / Vintage Hertz Promotional Items
« on: January 26, 2020, 05:06:41 PM »
The time has come to part with some cool and very unusual Hertz Rent a Car items that have been in our family since the mid '60s.

My father-in-law was the National Sales Manager for Hertz from 1964 until 1970 and this stuff is from his personal collection.

These items were used by various office staff and were also given away by sales reps as a marketing tool.

It's all up on our Etsy store at:

I've also included a couple of photos below.

What I have for sale is:

Hertz lighter - $65.00.
Hertz tape measure - $65.00.
Several Hertz playing cards sets - one complete and still in it's cellophane for $135.00. One complete set for $95.00 and one set that is missing a deck for $40.00.
Another Hertz lighter from the Houston district - $135.00.
Hertz wallet style business card/paperwork billfold - $75.00
Hertz wallet - $145.00
Hertz tie clasp - $40.00
Hertz pen by Hallmark - $45.00
Hertz ballpoint pens - $10.00
Hertz business card holders - $10.00 for the two
Hertz pencils - $10.00 for the three
Hertz letter opener - $15.00

If you're interested, go have a look!

- Phillip

1969-1970 Boss 302/429 / Vintage Kar-Kraft Home Movie
« on: August 16, 2019, 01:31:03 PM »
More than likely already posted on here - but this was new to me and I couldn't find it in a quick search of the forum.

Over at the Brighton Area Historical Society FB page this 8mm home movie that was shot in 1969 at Kar-Kraft was posted.

Sorry, I don't know how to post the actual video here but if you go to the FB page you should see it.

- Phillip

Ford GT / Camilo Pardo talks Ford GT on Jay Leno's Garage
« on: May 16, 2019, 06:59:01 PM »
To me, this is fascinating -

- Phillip

The Lounge / Jefferson 500 Summit Motorsports Park May 16-19
« on: April 14, 2019, 08:07:04 AM »
I was honored again this year to be commissioned by the Vintage Racer Group to create the poster for the Jefferson 500.

This is an annual vintage race held at Summit Point in West Virginia.

Hope to see some of you there - I'll be hanging with ELB Racing.

- Phillip

GT40 - Original/Mk V / GT40s on display at the 1968 Hemisfair in TX
« on: March 06, 2019, 09:22:28 AM »
I posted these over at the "Random car pictures" thread, but thought it would be good to put them here in the GT40 section.

A friend of mine was doing research on his XR7-G Cougar show unit that was on display at the '68 Hemisfair and found a good resource of vintage photographs.

Following are some pics of the GT40s that Ford had at the Ford Pavilion.

- Phillip

The Lounge / Peterson Archive Photos
« on: January 25, 2019, 07:01:06 PM »
This site has been mentioned on a couple of forums - didn't see that it was posted here yet, so here goes...

- Phillip

The Lounge / Power Steering Pumps
« on: January 07, 2019, 09:18:26 AM »
Curious if anyone knows of a source for high quality power steering pumps.

My S code 390 XR7-G Cougar is in need. I've had pumps replaced in various Cougars I've owned through the years, ordering pumps from the usual vendors like NPD, but was wondering if maybe all rebuilt 1968 power steering pumps weren't created equal.

My G was in the beginning of May, 1968.

- Phillip

Up For Auction / 1968 4 Speed Cobra Jet Cougar
« on: October 12, 2018, 08:10:57 AM »
This Cougar has been the talk of the Cougar Community lately - thought some here might find it interesting.

Up for Auction is an EXTREMELY RARE 1968.5 R-Code Ram Air 428 Cobra Jet, 4spd, 4:30 Traction Lok, Factory Staggered Shock drag car.

According to Cougar experts and the Kevin Marti book “Cougar by the Numbers”, this is one of only 64 R-Code 428 Cobra Jet Ram Air 4spd Cougars made in 1968.  This specific car also has the super high 4:30 rear axle ratio 9” that was later called the “Drag Pack” option in 1969.  Eleven are known to still exist and this is the only 4:30 rear axle car known.  These 64 4spd cars were the ONLY 1968 Cougars produced with the factory staggered shock conversion similar to what was done with Boss 429 Mustangs. The conversion required an entirely different trunk floor and spare tire location.  This is also a disc brake delete car as all 428CJ cars came standard with heavy duty suspension and disc brakes and this may be the only one built in this configuration. Drum brakes were considered lighter and create less drag for racing. 

Because these cars are so rare, there has only been ONE of the 64 1968 R-Code 4spd cars produced that has publicly sold within the last three years at the Owlshead Auction in 2015.  This was a dark green “survivor” GTE with original paint and interior, both showing patina and wear and two body shop repairs. A buyer paid $228,000 for the car. Noted Cougar experts have stated that this car now being sold on ebay in this listing could be a $200,000 plus car if restored properly and is one of the “Holy grail” of collectible Cougars and Ford Muscle Cars.     

The history of this car is as follows:

Bought new from Spitzer Motors in Elyria Ohio on 6-10-68. (See Marti-Report) The Spitzers are a drag racing family and still make dragsters today. This car was raced from the time it was new, but that racing history is unknown.  There is a chance this car may be the Nemesis drag car out of Canada, but that has not been confirmed and is a long shot. The Nemesis drag car was painted black. This car was painted black over its original red paint and this is evident and visable under the current paint.  This car was then sold to Danny Stanley from Kentucky and at the time he bought it, the car was black with ET mag wheels. One of the vintage photos shows the black Nemesis drag car with ET mags on the front and steel wheels on the rear.  Danny Stanley raced this car for years as a black car and then sold it to a couple that painted it silver with black accents. The car was then sold to a man in Fenton Michigan who owned it from 1983-1984 when it was then sold to a Cougar Club member named Debra Sudlow. From 1984 through 1988 Ms. Sudlow restored this Cougar back to factory condition and it was shown at the 1988 Cougar Nationals. (two photos on this listing show this exact car at the 1988 Cougar Nationals). Sometime between 1992 through 1999 the car was sold to the 6th owner who lived in South Carolina and he installed the wing and front spoiler and made some racing modifications. In 2000 the car was sold to a man named Sherwood Strong that brought it back to Sarasota Florida. He rebuilt the engine, put the Weld Dragstar wheels with racing slicks, MSD, Traction Bars and an aluminum radiator and cooling fans. He drove it a few times and it “scared the crap out of him” so he parked it next to his house for years. That is where most of the current damage occurred.  The car was rescued by the current owner in September of 2018. The car has 46k original miles and the title confirms the mileage as original.   

Copies of the Marti-Report as well as the “personalized” Marti Report are posted in the listing photographs.  I have decoded the car and found the following

The 428CJ engine that is in the car is date coded 9B6 (2-6-1969) so it is an early 1969 Cobra Jet engine and not original to this car. Heads are dated 9B4 so the engine appears to have all come from the same vehicle and the engine is NOT assembled from parts.  The original February 1969 intake and a factory service correct Cobra Jet Holley are with the car and an aftermarket intake and carb are on the car. The engine has an 8 quart racing oil pan but the original oil pan and widage tray are with the car.  The engine also has original Cobra Jet aluminum valve covers, but the original Chrome stamped steel valve covers are also with the car. The engine was supposedly rebuilt less than 500 miles ago, it does turn but there has been no attempt to start it. It did look brand new under the valve covers when checking the date codes.
Trans is a Rug AZ from a 1970 Boss 429 or 1970 428CJ and also not original to the car.  It has a Hurst shifter installed now, but an original shifter handle is with the car.  Rear Axle is the correct 9” with the tapered ends, 31 spline and a correct “N” rear chunk with a correct traction lok of unknown gear ratio. 

Although this is not the original engine or transmission, a complete 1969 Cobra Jet engine has a value of between $6,000 and $8,000.  The Rug AZ Toploader also has a value of around $2,000. Trading these towards a date coded 1968 428CJ will not be difficult. 

The original door tag, buck tag and dash VIN tag are still mounted on the car with the factory fasteners and look to have never been disturbed.  The factory VIN stamp is still in place on the driver’s side apron with the engine Stamp blank which is correct for this car. The passenger fender has not been removed to see if there are other VIN stamps present. All VIN numbers match each other and the free and clear Florida title.

The car has extensive rust on the roof under the vinyl top and will need a full roof replacement. Front frame rails look very nice as do the braced wrap around shock towers. There is the typical rust spots where the upper aprons overlap in front of and behind the shock towers. Aprons otherwise look very nice. The hood is rusted but the original and VERY rare hand laid fiberglass correct R-Code 1968.5 scoop is still present. I have been offered $2,000 for this part alone as these were a 1968 Cougar R code only item. 

Car will need full floors and both torque boxes. Rear toque boxes will not need replacing.  The rear trunk area is very solid all around the staggered shock panels and they will need no rust repair or attention. There is rust through above the driver’s side rear spring shackle. Dash hats have not been inspected but I would assume they leak as well. Quarter panels and wheelhouses also seem surprisingly solid but the quarters are rusted badly at the top under the vinyl top.  The decklid and hood are not repairable but easy to replace. Doors have the typical rust spot at the front lower corner.  Fenders are solid and straight. Grille, bumpers and lower valances are good. Grille is very nice.  There is a complete and solid 1968 Cougar parts car that has been disassembled available near me for $1,500.

It is missing the original radiator, shroud, distributor, air cleaner, fan and exhaust manifolds. Car also comes with three original Styled Steel Wheels and an original shifter.

Over 75 photographs of the car can be seen at the link below.

Car is being sold with a starting bid of $1,000 and an absolute NO RESERVE.  Inspections are welcome.  If there is something specific you would like a photo of just send an email asking.  I will answer all questions and will be glad to talk to serious buyers by phone. I have a free and clear Florida title for the car.  I can store the car indoors for about a month for no charge while shipping is arranged as long as the car is paid in full within the 7 days required.

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