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We all think our cars are special, & most of us try to make them unique, in spite of the fact that they are " mass " produced.

Ever wonder " how many cars like YOURS Ford built " ?

Owners of the 13 / 14 MY Shelby GT500's had to rely on spreadsheets in an effort to answer this question, often resulting in frustration..........( spreadsheet told me my 14 was " 1 of 21 " )


A ( Personal Statistics Report ) based on your VIN, from ( ) will finally answer that question.

This one page report, ( $ 60.00 + $ 7.00 shipping )


"  We will compare your vehicle to all other vehicles of the same year and model and tell you exactly how many vehicles are like yours and what makes yours unique.

NOTE: The purpose of the Personal Statistics Report is to bring your VIN as close to a one-of-one as possible. The Personal Statistics Report will use only the features necessary to reach this objective and may not include all of the features of your VIN. "


Most importantly, this documentation is recognized in the collector car world.

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