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SAAC Forum Discussion Area / Jim Morrison's 67 GT500 AFTER 1969
« on: March 15, 2019, 06:04:36 PM »
Hello All,

I am new to posting here but I have been a casual lurker for quite some time now. My main objective of a post here is to revive a famous, (or infamous depending on your viewpoint) topic. The search for Jim Morrison's 1967 GT500, the "Blue Lady".

I am not a collector but a Shelby and Doors fan. The information I am posting is already out there because I found it on, and I am not the first to find it. I wish to update the ongoing narrative about this car, that it was last seen in 1969 and "known to be" destroyed.

The 1967 GT500 Shelby license plate VRD 389 was posted for sale in 1970 and as late as October 1971 in the Los Angeles Times. At a place called Ray's Hi-Performance Center in Inglewood, CA. To me, it appears the car had 14k then 15k miles on it as posted. So, someone was driving it. It states in one add that it "has been stored" and was listed for $2500 then $2350. I feel that Morrison's driving history with this car dictated that someone of influence, urged that the car be put up for sale. Possibly his eventual move to Paris in April 1971 prompted this sale.

This to me is convincing proof that his car existed after 1969 and even after his death in July 1971. Now we moved up the mystery up 2 years and I believe the car still exists out there somewhere. Let us start off the discussions based on these adds.

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