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SAAC Forum Discussion Area / 289 hipo
« on: August 12, 2019, 10:49:37 PM »
How much is a 289 hipo with.  I grew up in a farming family.  My dad had mentioned a few times that there was a 289 in the cabinets in his shop.  The other day I opened them up and took a look. (He unexpectedly passed a year ago.). Thereís probly 5 plus engines in there.  (Shelves 30 feet long.)
I grabbed one of the cranks and pulled it out.  It had the aaa crown 1m markings on it.  Which seems to be a hipo 289.  Along with the heavy dampner.  Rods checked out too.  So I was just curious.  Thanks in advance for any information on this motor.  !!!   Thank you.  Ps.  Itís time to live for today.  Something he taught me from the grave.  He was always working for tomorrow.  And never saw it.  Yet. 300 people at a farmers funeral shows how big his shoes were. Thanks guys. 

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