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Assembling a Ď65 HIPO rear axle and am wondering if the fill plug was painted black or bare steel?  Couldnít tell on the original one. Also, is there any color codes on the edges of the brake shoes?  Have seen them on 69-70 Mustang rear shoes. A picture would be great.  Were the brake drums all natural finish or have black out with certain wheels? This is not a Shelby rear axle assembly, but a standard Ď65 fastback K-code.

CSX 2000 Series / Red 289 from Iowa in 1990ís
« on: May 12, 2020, 06:26:17 PM »
Iím looking for the current owner of a red 289 Cobra that sold out of Iowa in the 1990ís, that was previously owned and sold by Virgil Nelson then.  I came across these two Goodyear Blue Streak racing tires that were on or with the car at one time and would like to see if the current owner would want them. I donít know the CSX number.  The tires are pretty stiff and wouldnít use them other than for display.

For sale;
C8OF-12127-J 428CJ automatic transmission distributor, dated 8J9. Needs restored, someone lightly buffed it.

C8ZF-12127-A Ď68 GT350, manual transmission distributor dated 7G13 needs restored, original condition.

C1AE-6312-A two groove crank pulley, correct for Ď67 GT500, needs blasted and painted,

66-early 68, 9Ē rear axle pinion shield and rubber bumper. Itís been lightly painted long ago, but appears not to be pitted and in very good condition.


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