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Hi I'm Phil from Australia and I am a Shelby Enthusiast, I don't own a Shelby at the moment but own a Mustang race car I purchased from the USA and have it here in Brisbane Australia. I was told the car was owned and tracked by a Norcal Shelby Club Officer back in 2006 and prior, before being sold to a guy in Elkhart Lake.  I am trying to track down its History and a log book if it exists but so far have not had any luck. So maybe someone on the Forum may recognise the car. Its 64 Coupe Wimbledon white -Vin number #937 so an early car built in San Jose. originally a 260 v8 Manual but now 289 /T5 trans/ tear drop fuel tank. The original California number plate NAX694 ( Im Told)  The unconfirmed information I have from the guy I purchased it from said it was Tracked at Sears Point, Thunder Hill, Laguna Seca. I was told it was built as a type 2 Trans Am car early in its life . It still runs the Dual 600 carbys on an original Trans Am Manifold same as the 67 Shelby Trans Am car had. Plus he says it was the test Mule car for Total Control products and has their steering and front end in it. if anyone has any info or leads to point me the right direction I would be very grateful. I'm enjoying reading the stories here on the forum and hope to visit some of your great tracks as a spectator soon. Im a Mustang & Shelby Fan my Brother runs 66 GT350 in Group S - Sports car racing in Melbourne Australia so we are a keen Mustang/Shelby Family.

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