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Misc. For Sale / Racing Mustangs Book
« on: June 28, 2020, 05:35:28 PM »
Hi everyone, I hope this is the correct section of the forum to post this. This is a book I wrote last year called Racing Mustangs - An International Photographic History. It focuses on the Mustang in international road racing, and although it spans the years 1964 - 1986, the real emphasis is on the years 1964 - 1970, when Ford played an active role in the Mustangs road racing programs.

Rick Kopec played a significant role in providing amazing information and photos to help with the design, production, and racing of the Shelby GT350, and I can't thank him enough.

The book kicks off in 1964 with the homologation of the Mustang for endurance European rallying, where it took over from the Falcon Sprint. Many people aren't aware that the Mustang was first homologated not for road racing, but for rallying. It moves then to the design, construction and racing of the Shelby GT350 in 1965, for competing in SCCA B/Production sports car competition. And then, of course, comes the SCCA Trans-Am series in 1966, where Ford kept its distance initially, but slowly became ever-present, pouring more and more money into the series.

The book is 175 pages, and has 300 photos and approx 30,000 words. It does cover the Mustangs racing history in other parts of the world, but the main focus is the US, and in particular, the Trans-Am. It was released a few weeks back and is available direct from the publisher, and will shortly be available through and other outlets. Price is US$35.

I'll post various photos and page segments here, but here is a link through to the publisher:

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