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Lehigh Valley Region SAAC / September 2019 Club meeting
« on: September 07, 2019, 09:13:38 AM »
Monday night Sept 23 at 7:00 PM,

At the Paxson's Pub

More details coming, hold the date

Looking for a very specific Ford Focus ST:

MUST be Magnetic Grey
MUST BE UN-MODIFIED (Not even exhaust)
No Sunroof.
Least miles as possible
Adult owned, un-abused

Of course, a smoking hot deal!

Anything out there?

Selling my old Escort ZX2 after 250,000 miles. Have a great set of snowflake pattern rims & Dunlop HP tires, plus spare rim.

Will post pics ASAP.

$250 Firm, Allentown PA area

The Lounge / Bullit Mustangs
« on: August 16, 2019, 12:26:26 PM »
Seeing all the hype about the car going on the block at Mecum in 2020, very cool.

My knowledge is that:
2 Cars used in making the movie, a 289 and a 390
Once supposedly crushed, too badly damaged, one disappeared. Many rumors.

Now, we have this car from Mexico with it's documentation, all good. What about the car in NJ, supposedly also the real deal?

I'm just curious on what is the facts on the cars surfacing. Which car is which engine, are both the movie cars, what are the real facts?

Searching on the internet has many stories, many affirmations, more. Just looking to get everything straight.

Saturday Night Aug 10, first pitch at 6:30 PM, Lehigh Valley SAAC has a block of 20 tickets for all Shelby folks.

Stadium is Coca-Cola Park in Allentown PA, Phillies AAA Team the Iron Pigs. Wonderful clean stadium, great food, very affordable!

Max of 4 tickets per person, a Non-Car Shelby Night out!

Please RSVP Dan ASAP

SAAC-44 / Popular Ballot Car Show Results
« on: July 16, 2019, 01:57:14 PM »
What an amazing show field!!! Roughly 200+ cars in total, all great cars. I estimate the classic Shelby's outnumbered the new Shelby's by over 2:1 ratio. Very Impressive!!! Have not had a turn-out like this in over 10 years or more.

We tried a new judging format this year to minimize wasted trophies, and give more chances to all cars to win. Yes, it was met with some skepticism and confusion at first, but I think the results proved the new format worked, with so many exceptional cars recognized. We hope you found the method and results favorable.

Counted on the field:

1965 Shelbys:  8
1966 Shelbys: 22
1967 Shelbys: 14
1968 Shelbys:  8
1969 Shelbys: 14
1970 Shelbys:   2
Shelby deMexico: 1
Cobras (Real):  7
Bosses (All): 13
Tigers: 4
Ford GT: 1
Other Ford: 59 (Replicas, Boss, Mustangs, etc)
Non-Ford: 2
New Gen Shelbys: 48

So, here are the winners:

   SAAC/TEAM SHELBY Popular Ballot Car Show Results         
   Car #   Class   Owner Name:   Car:
   97   TOP 25   Jim Ward   CSX2574
   73   TOP 25   Tom Shelton   1965 Griffith 400
   106   TOP 25   Ed Shaw   1969 GT-500
   150   TOP 25   Ted Baird   1966 Tiger MK1-A
   76   TOP 25   Doug Mather   1966 GT-350H
   48   TOP 25   Don Wells   Continuation Daytona Coupe
   84   TOP 25   Bob Kochanek   1966 GT-350H
   30   TOP 25   Doug Millwer   1969 Shelby DeMexico
   96   TOP 25   Randy Sizemore   1970 GT-500
   27   TOP 25   Stephen Schonegg   1968 GT-350 Conv
   133   TOP 25   Ed Hunt   1969 GT-500
   40   TOP 25   Bob Turberville   1968 GT-500KR
   143   TOP 25   Tom Paxson   2005 Ford GT
   131   TOP 25   Rick Brewbaker   CSX2148
   132   TOP 25   Howard Pardee/Yvonne Kirk   GT-350 R-Model
   112   TOP 25   John Giles   1967 GT-500
   34   TOP 25   Nick Futules   2017 GT-350
   7   TOP 25   Fred Piluso   2018 GT-350
   78   TOP 25   Corey Bowcutt   1968 GT-350
   51   TOP 25   Kim McCartney   427 S/C Cobra Re-Creation
   44   TOP 25   Steve Muttless   1969 GT-500
   118   TOP 25   Paul Fix   1965 GT-350
   108   TOP 25   David Shaffer   1966 GT-350H
   89   TOP 25   Randy McDonnell   1965 Mustang
   46   TOP 25   Jack Smith   Superformance GT-40

Specific Class winners:

   66   CSX 2000   Joe Dina    Blue
   148   CSX 3000   Tom Shannon    Red Street
   33   CSX4000-7000   Jim Leader   CSX-7000
   157   1965 GT-350   Bill Collins   SFM5S006
   109   1966 GT-350   Kevin Cauley   Blue
   126   1966 GT-350H   Charles Griffith   Green
   10   1967 GT-350   Tony Branda   Green
   22   1967 GT-500   Craig Shefferly   Dark Blue
   55   1968 GT-350   Gary Miller   Blue
   81   1968 GT-500 & KR   Mike Huddock   Green KR Conv
   152   1969-70 GT-350   Bob Zink   Red Conv
   91   1969-70 GT-500   Jay Little   Orange
   128   Classic Boss   Keith Anderson   Calypso Coral 1970 Boss 302
   62   Modern Boss   Sean Hype   2013 Laguna Seca
   8   2007-2009 GT-500   Bill Sadeller   2007 GT-500 White
   130   2007-2009 GT-500 SS & KR   Barry Leonard   2008 Super Snake Orange
   147   2010 to Present GT-500   Tom Batelman   Black w/red stripes
   21   2010-Present GT-500 SS & KR   Mike Corteese   Yellow 2017
   151   2010-Present GT-350   Mikle Lawless   White w/Blue Stripes
   114   2007 to present GT & SGT   Kevin Goodell   Orange SGT Convertible
   49   2007 to present GT-H   Dominic Ciliberto & Diana Duffee   GT-H Conv
   100   Shelby Trucks   Rachel Luzzatto   Shelby F-150
   113   1965-1973 Mustang Stock   Wayne Olsen   1969 Mach 1
   5   1965-1973 Modified Mustang   Anthony Aldridge   Lil Red Re-Creation
   2   1974-2004 Mustangs   Gary Miller   Black 2003 SVT Terminator
   52   2005 to Present Mustangs   Jeff Demello   2016 5.0
   122   Special Edition Mustangs Non-Ford 2001-Present   Scott DeLuca   Roush - Red
   120   Ford GT   Lauren Fixx   2019 GT Black
   75   Exotic Ford   Ted Baird   GT-40
   43   Replicas (All)   Glen Sides Sr.   FFR Daytona Coupe
      Competition Cars   Seth Burgett   1967 GT-500 Gulf Colors
   68   Special Interest   Rick Kaminski   1965 Mercury Cyclone
   SPECIAL PICKS:         
      VIP Selection - Lee Holman   Tom Shelton   Red Griffith 400
      SAAC Selection - Tom Yeager   Howard Pardee   1965 GT-350 R-Model
      Team Shelby Selection - Tracy Smith   Peter Miller   2009 GT-500

Lehigh Valley Region SAAC / July 15 2019 Club Meeting
« on: June 18, 2019, 02:40:53 PM »
Beach Blanket Bingo!

Wear your best Hawaiian shirt, bathing suit, and flip flops, It's Summer! Dan & Anna Mohry will be hosting our Summer meeting on thier large friendly deck and pool.

More details to follow, but hold the date!

Lehigh Valley Region SAAC / May 13 2019 Club meeting
« on: April 14, 2019, 09:34:41 PM »
Monday eve, May 13 2019

Tom Paxson's Shelby's Pub

7:00 Start


Update on all past, present, future club activities

Lehigh Valley Region SAAC / Cars & Coffee - Shelby Style - April 28, 2019
« on: February 19, 2019, 12:31:32 PM »
3rd Annual fun gathering, Somewhere in upper Bucks County PA.

Exact Location to be determined, hoping Seraphina's is done with renovations.

9AM to Noon

Watch this spot!!!

SAAC-44 / Popular Ballot Car Show
« on: January 24, 2019, 06:48:07 PM »
Team Shelby East Coast Grand Nationals / SAAC-44
Popular Ballot Car Show – Saturday, July 13th

As more information is starting to roll out about our “little Shelby gathering” out by Pittsburgh, PA, in mid-July, we wanted to share a bit of info about one of the favorite non-driving event activities, the Popular Ballot Car Show!

Past conventions have used various ways of creating classes and awarding recognition, from a rigid class list with 1-3 places per class, to just a panel of VIP's walking around and selecting a few cars that catch their eye. Each way has its own merits and faults. More often than not a class method is used, but unfortunately, not all of the trophies end up being awarded if the individual classes are not fully represented.  Every year, this topic is reviewed to try to make the show better for all…and we have a new approach for 2019.

For this year, we are using a “hybrid method”, which has been used very successfully in local and regional Shelby shows.  It recognizes the best in a total of 33 different classes for all years and models of Shelby’s and High Performance Fords, plus a "Top 25" and additional special/VIP picks.

   SAAC 44 / TS East Grand Nationals Car Show Classes
Class #   Class Name
1   CSX 2000 289 Cobras
2   CSX 3000 427 Cobras
3   CSX 4000 through 9000 Cobras
4   1965 GT-350
5   1966 GT-350
6   1966 GT-350 Hertz
7   1967 GT-350
8   1967 GT-500
9   1968 GT-350
10   1968 GT-500 & 500KR
11   1969 & 1970 GT-350
12   1969 & 1970 GT-500
13   1969-1971 BOSS Mustang
14   2012-2013 BOSS Mustang
15   2007 - 2009 GT-500 All
16   2007-2009 GT-500 KR & Super Snakes
17   2010-2014 GT-500 All
18   2010-2014 GT-500 KR & Super Snakes
19   2010 to Present GT-350
20   2007 To Present GT & SGT
21   2006 to Present GT-H
22   Shelby Trucks
23   1965 to 1973 Mustangs Stock
24   1965 to 1973 Mustangs Modified
25   1974 to 2004 Mustangs ALL
26   2005 to Present Mustangs ALL
27   Special Edition Mustangs (Saleen, Roush, etc)
28   2005 to Present Ford GT
29   Exotic Ford (Pantera, Tiger, etc)
30   Replicas ALL
31   Competition Cars
32   Special Interest
33   Classic Shelby Mustang Tribute
   TOP 25
   Peoples Choice (1)
   Team Shelby Pick (1)
   SAAC Pick (1)
   Sponsors Choice / Celebrity Pick (2)

All show entrants will be given a perforated voting sheet and envelope for their cars. The empty envelope goes under your windshield wiper, then the entrants will walk the showfield and put a ticket (i.e. a ‘vote’) in their favorite cars envelope, thereby creating the Top 25 award winning group. Separately, a panel of judges from SAAC and Team Shelby will walk the field and select the first place car for each of the 33 classes. If a car wins both a Top 25 and a first place, the car will only be awarded the first place, which allows for more winners overall. No car can win two awards. Likewise, if a car wins a “special/VIP award” (SAAC or TS Pick, People’s Choice, etc.) it is also removed from the top 25 and the first place competition. The goal is to give out all the awards and also give more cars the chance of winning and being recognized.

Another aspect of the show, which we hope will make it enjoyable, will be the relaxing of the rigid class structure. We will still group by classic and modern Shelby, real Cobras, etc, but not try to make the show field a rigid parking puzzle. If you are with a bunch of friends, this also allows for you to park together and enjoy the show with each other.

The car show is a joint effort by both SAAC and Team Shelby, and we hope all either enter their cars, or attend. The final location has yet to be determined. If you wish to help at the car show, we welcome all volunteers.

More details will be forthcoming, but we wanted to get this info out early so all can see this part of the convention, and start detailing your rides now.

We look forwards to seeing you at the show!

Dan Reiter - SAAC
Bill Caron  - Team Shelby
Car Show Chairs

OK, event is a "GO"!!

Weekend of Sept 27-29 2019

Same Hotel - Homewood Suites, Center Valley PA
Same Car Show Location - PSU Campus next door to hotel

Road Tour returning to the northern Route and Heisler's Dairy Bar

Saturday Night event TBA...

Watch this thread for all the details!

Lehigh Valley Region SAAC / Go Karts - Two events
« on: January 10, 2019, 08:14:48 AM »
It's Winter, so we move the 4-wheeled antics indoors!

First, on Sunday, Feb 24, our annual Club Challenge and "Get Chris" event at S&S speedways. The Garden State Mustang Club has asked for a re-match, so we'll square off again in a "Saturday Night Shoot-out" style event. Lots of practice, four qualifying heats, a feature, and fun. Looking for racers to save the club pride, need 10-12 drivers. Got a few on the list already, please respond to me directly. $30 per driver

Second, Sometime in March, at Lehigh Valley Grand Prix in Allentown PA, PA Region of Team Shelby is having a get-together at this great place to see who can lap the fastest. We'll get our own run groups, and a private room to gather in. Lehigh Valley SAAC Members have been invited to join in the fun. Again, please contact me.

Lehigh Valley Region SAAC / Feb 18 2019 Club Meeting
« on: January 09, 2019, 09:05:29 PM »
Happy new Year to all!

Our first club meeting will be Monday night, Feb 18 at 7:00 PM at Tom Paxson’s Shelby’s Pub. Pizza will be available as usual. Please RSVP Tom at

Lots to go over and get our year started!

Some initial important dates to remember:

Feb 2-10 – Philly Car Show – Ford will give the Club 20 tickets for free admission. No word yet if any special activities
Feb 24  - Annual Go Kart Melee!! Again, Club challenge with Garden State Mustang Club
March – Indoor Go Kart Event with Team Shelby - Allentown
April – Cars & Coffee Shelby Style
June – Fords at Carlisle
July 11-13 – SAAC 44 at Pitt Race (Former Beaver Run)
Sept 27-29 – 10th Annual Fall Shelby Meet (our annual weekend)

More events being added, will be an exciting year!

And, 2019 dues

Dan Reiter
Lehigh Valley Region
Shelby American Automobile Club

1965 GT350/R-Model / Someone using the 5S306 number
« on: December 30, 2018, 11:50:56 AM »
On a Facebook page, I saw and participated in a thread about someone selling a very bad clone, and had a Shelby tag with 5S306.

The car was originally a Detroit 6-cyl, and had so much wrong, it was actually hilarious. Yet the story was the seller was swearing the car was authentic! Many on the thread blew the car apart, and I also contributed, but kept the good secrets off the thread. The person looking to buy saw the truth, and did not buy as a Shelby, but may go back and offer badly modified Mustang money.

I cannot currently find the post, it may have been taken off, but wanted to put out the word about someone using the number.

Just an FYI.

Various magazines, all complete, I do not know the specific issues, and am not near them to check, so please do not ask.

Located in Union County NJ, MUST be picked up.

PM me if interested.

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