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Hello All,

Came across some very cool documents posted on a Mopar site by Alex Brady.  Alex got vintage documents from the son and grandson of Elk Valley Dodge Chrysler Plymouth in Sutton West Virginia.  Included in these documents was the Used Car Inventory sheet attached here, from September 30th 1971.  I assume the column on the right is their internal cost, but that's just my guess.  Of note, this sheet shows the dealership had in stock a White '67 Shelby Cobra, that appears to be a Repo with a value of about $1216.  Unfortunately no more info exists about this car, but considering white '67 models after review of the registry I think the most likely candidates would be late 427 Cobras, perhaps CSX3266 or CSX3280.  Other possibilities are CSX3181, CSX3204, or CSX3191, or perhaps others that were not originally white but were repainted white prior to 1971.  Anyway, I figured you guys would like to see this, and hopefully you can identify which car this was.

- Wade

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