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Shelby American Racing / Ken Miles In A Cobra
« on: September 16, 2020, 03:45:52 PM »
I ran across this short (1:44) video on YouTube.
My apologies if it has been previously posted on the forum.

"Dave MacDonald and Ken Miles beat the Corvettes for the first time at Riverside in February of 1963"

Here's another documentary on the Ford vs Ferrari theme that aired on the old
Speed Channel in 2004.
In the words of the YouTube poster, "Just to let everyone know, this video was recorded off cable TV back in 2004,  it's not in HD, the sound isn't the greatest and it contains commercials. If you can't handle that, please don't watch it."
(Handy tip: You can actually click through the commercials.)

1969-1970 Shelby GT350/500 / 69/70 Rear Leaf Springs
« on: November 02, 2018, 12:58:05 PM »
As a long time owner of a 70 GT500 (since 1981), I have often thought about why the
69/70 Shelbys received special rear leaf springs.  And how do they compare to regular Mustang springs? Does anybody know the answer(s)?

1965 GT350/R-Model / 65 Shelby GT350 at 2008 Virginia City Hillclimb
« on: April 30, 2018, 08:49:24 AM »
So I was browsing YouTube recently and came across an old cockpit view video of a 65 GT350 running the  2008 Virginia City Hillclimb.
I don't know if it was on SAAC Forum 1.0 or not, but I thought everyone
would enjoy seeing it here on 2.0.

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