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1965 GT350/R-Model / original High Performance Motors antenna
« on: April 30, 2021, 09:26:16 PM »
Remarkable in that it is unremarkable. I have seen HPM antenna’d cars w either what appeared to be a stock fixed antenna or this retractable style.
48” attached lead, 72” cable extension, 38” extended length. No mfgs markings nor any other markings/stamping.
Most, but not all, were mounted aft RH. This one was LH along quarter vents.
-minutia but original 65 HPM-

1965 GT350/R-Model / 65 limit cable eyelet washer trivia
« on: April 28, 2021, 03:32:55 PM »

was mildly surprised to see that the eyelet washer is apparently a hood pin blank, dimpled for drillout.
(they had never been touched previously)
more notable is that it is nowhere near as ‘nice’ of original material/manufacture as the ‘concours’ items marketed today despite its obvious age and usage:

Concours Talk / Help ID’g 4 sp tag pls
« on: April 26, 2020, 04:53:19 PM »
I recently found this tag amongst components of 64-65 sm blk 4 speed transmissions (T-10 B-1s, H-1s, M-1s & top loaders).
It reads “30A-G-1” w FoMoCo script, bolt “F-C” gr5.
Thanks in advance.

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