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I appreciate answers to this question...thanks, Ron Miller

Yes Randy (gt350hr)…you were right, it is the same Ron Miller from Ford Power Parts (FPP) where you worked years ago and where you met your wife Carol who was working for me at the time. Now that my history is confirmed…

As I replied to Bob Gaines I am NOT, NOR HAVE I EVER CLAIMED TO BE A SHELBY EXPERT!   As I am sure you remember, I am an expert on FE Ford Engines and  I am very knowledgeable on Sm blks, 351C and 460 series engines,  as well as on 65-70 Mustangs, since approximately  400 went through my hands over the years. But I am not considering myself an expert on Mustangs either. 

Maybe someday I can only hope to be an expert in all areas, as you seem to portrait yourself  for years;   I suppose that it is based on your vast knowledge that it gives you the right to criticize and bad month  people that you don’t consider being at your level of expertise.
If you re-read my text of the car for sale, you will notice that as soon as it was brought to my attention that this car has not been judged at a Shelby event, please note  that I rectified it immediately  because I realized that  it was not accurate for me to claim that it  was a 99 point car.  With an add on note, I specified that it has not been judged and never graded at a Shelby car show.  Also on my outgoing emails in relation with this car, I removed the “99 point car”, but I left it listed as a #1 car, which I don’t think that this statement could be debatable.

This being said, if for years you kept some grudge against me, about which I totally ignored the cause… or if you have some kind of a personal vendetta against me, why don’t you simply come to me directly, either by getting together, or by emailing me or write me a letter to let me know what are the unresolved issues, so we can “bury the hatchet” instead of all this ongoing behind the scenes back stabbing? Who knows, maybe I’ll even buy you a chicken dinner!

 This country (and the world at large) are in enough turmoil right now, so all of our energies should be focused on healing, being proactive in trying to fix the problems, and helping each other before it is too late, instead of quibbling over some possible minor issues that may have happened 25+ years ago.

And in closing I really appreciate all the feedback received here about what is incorrect  about this car and I am looking into everything suggested. Thank you!!

Yes I owned Ford Power Parts.  If anyone notices something that is incorrectly done or incorrect part I would appreciate knowing exactly what it is. The $500 receipt from the third owners was done for DMV purposes to save on sales tax. He paid $7500 for the car and an extra $1k for the 8v intake, Cobra valve covers and extra spare parts. This car has not been judged at a Shelby event, this is my opinion and others that have seen the car. I read your comments, so I put a note on the ad to clarify this.  The main reason I mentioned the corrections to the SAAC registry is the first person that was very interested in the car said NO because of what he read in the registry and he (incorrectly) thought that the stripe overspray in the door jambs was not the way that Shelby did it and therefore the restoration shop did not know what they were doing. I have approximately 300 pictures of this car and each engine part and no one from this ad has asked to see them yet. Bob,  I DO NOT and have NEVER claimed to be a Shelby expert. I DO claim to be an expert on Ford V8 1960's engines especially the FE series which I have designed and manufactured parts on a shoestring budget better than gigantic aftermarket companies. I am trying to be 100% transparent, so again, if you see something that is not correct, please point it out. thanks in advance, Ron Miller 

Cars For Sale / 1965 Shelby 5S254 Pro Restoration CA. Matching #'s
« on: November 14, 2020, 07:25:27 PM »
Serial #: 5S254
Early trunk mounted battery car
Always a So. California car (was in Nevada for a few years)
Totally rust free car…not a re-bodied rusted out East Coast car
Professional perfect restoration just completed August 2020…One of the nicest 65 Shelbys in existence!!  This car is a 99 point #1 car. (NOTE: this car has NOT been judged at a Shelby event, this is my opinion and others that have seen the car, if you notice anything that is not correct please point it out)
All original Engine, Super Rare Transmission and Rearend…very few 65 Shelbys can claim this since most were raced and broken and different parts installed.
55,840 original miles (since brand new!)

 Being one of only 562 Shelby GT350's built in 1965, this special Shelby was delivered new with rare trunk mounted battery and steel wheels. The Le Mans stripes may have been added later, I am still investigating that??...however in 1987 when the third owners purchased the car it had the stripes on the car. Currently has the reproduction Cragar/Shelby Wheels which give the car a much better look than the original (ugly) steel wheels.  It is powered by the Hi-Po 289/306hp engine backed by the aluminum case T-10 4-speed transmission. Countless hours were spent to complete the “cost is no object” concourse rotisserie restoration to SAAC/ MCA concourse specifications. The result is an award-winning restoration that very few other cars have ever attained. The paint has been polished and is show quality; great lengths went into the paint work to replicate a job just as the factory would have. The interior is complete with correct dash mounted pod containing the 8,000 rpm tach and oil pressure gauges, factory racing lap belts, 15" wood rimmed steering wheel. Look at the pictures and video on the hoist and you will discover the undercarriage that has been finished to an absolutely outstanding quality, with floors finished in the correct factory style red oxide primer with body color overspray and blacked out pinch welds. As well the front and rear suspension has been painstakingly refinished just as it would have left the factory with correct finishes; including the paint dabs and chalk markings. This 65 Shelby comes fully documented with copies of dealer invoice, dealer order form, shipping documents, owners manual as well as being registered with the Shelby American Automobile Club. I would be shocked if there was another 65 Shelby with more historical documentation than this car.

NOTE: I am in the process to correct this information with Howard Pardee so the SAAC registry will reflect exactly what the car truly is.
1. CAR WAS DRAG RACED......Not exactly true, the second owner Ron Freudenthaler street raced it and took it out to Willow Springs road race course.
2.  FRONT FENDERS REPLACED......The second owner hit the hay bales at Willow Springs racetrack and dented the left front fender.  The 3rd. owner Merle DuPrey purchased a NOS left fender and installed it. The right fender is the original one

3.  BLOWN UP ENGINE: When Merle and Leonard purchased the car in 1987 the drivers side head gasket was blown....The engine was NOT blown up....I personally took pictures of every single engine part, especially the original block and there is no evidence of any engine damage. There are no sleeves in the engine block and no weld repairs.

4.  NEW REAR QUARTERS INSTALLED:  Not exactly true...but partially true.  The rear fender lips were flared.  When Merle purchased the car he tracked down a pair of NOS rear quarters (not reproduction pieces) and had the professional restoration shop cut out the wheel opening area and weld to the original rear the rear quarters were repaired and NOT replaced...There was no rust issues or other damage, so no reason to install the complete rear quarters.
Part 1...walk around with engine running:
Part 2....on lift...underside of car:
Part 3....Books & Records Historical documentation:

MORE PICS: I have over 300 pictures of this car and each individual engine part...Let me know if you want more pics
 Feel free to call or email me if you have any questions.
PRICE: $575k obo
Shown By Appointment only to serious buyers only...sorry no tire kickers, joy riders or brokers.
LOCATION: Los Angeles, CA. area
NOTE: Please do not post this car for sale on any websites...thank you
CONTACT: Ron Miller 714-271-2141 (ok to call from 10am-11pm Pacific time zone) or email:

NOTE: click on pictures below to open up to full size

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