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Yes, but just to confirm - there is no spacer that goes between the block and the upper PS bracket? Outside in is AC compressor bracket leg -> upper PS bracket -> block, correct?



68 GT500 428PI

During my mockup, I noticed noticed a gap where the AC bracket that holds the pulley meets the PS bracket at the block. Small gap, more like a thick washer. Is that true? I didnít exactly tighten every bolt up, as it was just a mock run, but it gave me pause.

Dropped the engine in yesterday! Looking forward to being on the other side of that mountain.

Thanks again, Chris!


What struck me is how low you got the front end by resting the LCAís on blocks. Does leaving the wheels on, tires on the ground give up too much in the clearance department?

Thanks for everything!

  I got this tip from the VMF: you can also jack the rear of the car way up due to the extreme angle nessary to put the big block engine in.

I guess nobody looks at pictures anymore

What color are the AC pulleys - Aluminum?
The clutch and the donut electro magnet are zinc silver. The waterpump , crank and PS pulleys are semi gloss blk. Even though black is the typical rebuilder color curious of what mfg the pump is. The third second line on the ID tag found on the rear of the pump tells who by the letter.  It will be a F for  Ford Thompson which is the bluish shade and W for TRW which was black . Both were used but one maybe a little more prevalent.

Sure enough, I have a HBA-BH pump with a W. Go Dan! I vaguely remember having this conversation with him years ago after sending him my complete original setup for rebuilding. Heís a lovely guy and does great work.

Wanted to Buy / Re: 68 Chrome Oil Breather Cap
« on: April 02, 2020, 07:39:00 PM »
Thanks, Pete. I really hate reproduction parts, but youíre right.

What color are the AC pulleys - Aluminum?

Thanks, Pete.

I just opened the PS pump today and found it painted black. I sent it to the rebuilder literally years ago and just left it in the box. Was hoping Dan knew something I didnít... Oh well, Ill paint over it.

Whatís the issue with the steel pipe for the booster? And the carb tag?

Ill swap out the filter once the engine has been broken in and the special oil is ready to be changed.

And, Iím on the hunt for the correct oil breather cap... if you have one laying around  :)

The mock up is pretty good

I would change the oil cap, the steel pipe for the booster, the tag on the carb, the ps pump color and the oil filter.

The AC oil filter is much shorter. The oil filter adapter could be more aluminum

Wanted to Buy / 68 Chrome Oil Breather Cap
« on: April 02, 2020, 07:03:07 PM »
Does anyone have a good original or NOS oil breather cap for a 68 GT500?


Also, does can anyone tell me what these few pieces are for?

So, I mocked it up today. Any comments or corrections? Like maybe how to rotate images...!

This video is AMAZING. I do love how easy a time lapse can make an install look.

The cardboard and foam rubber matting is brilliant, as is the use of the ratchet strap to get that extra tilt... noted and noted. What were the straps that you used to connect to the engine hoist leveler? They look a bit like the wheel tie-downs I have for towing, but Iím sure yours are longer than what I have. They look a lot easier to work with than the alternative.

Also, glad to see I wasnít crazy for wanting to attach the first run of the exhaust to the manifolds before install.

Do you happen to have any photos of the engine bay with the engine out? Want to make sure i get the firewall area right before I lose most of the access.

Leave the booster out. Notice the use of cardboard and foam rubber matting.

She's tight but it fits.

Have a look at this while I find a few pictures for you.

So, I have some time on my hands these days... Yay, quarantine

Wondering if anyone has detailed photos of a 68 PI together on a stand just before install? Iíd love to have an out-of-the-car reference, if possible.

Also, what is conventional wisdom when it comes to installing components on the engine and inn the engine bay before dropping the drivetrain back in? Iíve never reinstalled a BB motor/trans, only SBís which have all the room. Can I sneak the drivetrain in with the brake booster and master preinstalled? Any other best practices I should know?

Any wisdom and imagery from your vaults would be greatly appreciated! I WILL get this car back together during this CA lockdown.

With the communities blessing, Iíd like to exercise humility and operate with the motto that ďthere are no stupid questionsĒ. Iíve feel like Iíve done my research and I have *most* of my ducks in a row. Admittedly, one major mistake I made was during disassembly - 2 or 3 years ago now - I went light on pictures. Foolishly, I expected the engine rebuild to be done in a matter of weeks (based on past experience with the builder) and that turned into a year and a half... so my memory is very, very faded.

So, I ask - would a single thread be the best way to ask all of my questions, would you rather I bombard you with individual posts, or keep my mouth shut and let my ego wing it?

Wanted to Buy / Re: 68 GT500 Fan Shroud
« on: January 08, 2020, 11:03:09 PM »
Thank you for your wisdom, Bob! Iíd never have thought to dig any deeper, outside of knowing I wanted a Ďhorse hairí version. Ill have to go dig up the many, many pieces of my original to see what tales it tells me...

Looking for a replacement original fan shroud for a 68 GT500


C8ZE-A is the assemblyline version any others would be a replacement for the original.

Wanted to Buy / 68 GT500 Fan Shroud
« on: January 05, 2020, 08:05:05 PM »
Looking for a replacement original fan shroud for a 68 GT500



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