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Cars For Sale / Re: 1966 GT 350 Early Blue/4 speed
« on: June 08, 2022, 09:00:52 AM »

Cars For Sale / 1966 GT 350 Early Blue/4 speed
« on: June 08, 2022, 08:59:20 AM »
66 GT 350
Early 66 Blue
Crate engine that runs very strong
65 pod/racing apron
Factory stripe with Cragers
Great for road rally's/# 443

Cars For Sale / Re: 1967 GT 350 4 speed
« on: June 08, 2022, 08:39:30 AM »

Cars For Sale / 66 GT 350 Project Early White/4 Speed
« on: June 06, 2022, 09:33:38 AM »
66 GT 350
White/4 Speed
Rebuilt 289HP engine
Very complete with 10 spokes/tach/seat belts/steering wheel
Roller needing paint and assembly/#416
Factory non-stripe/10 spoke with original numbers and tag
Very solid rust free body and would be easier to restore than most (if that's possible)

Cars For Sale / Re: 67 GT 350
« on: June 06, 2022, 08:53:42 AM »

Cars For Sale / Re: 1967 GT 350 4 speed
« on: June 04, 2022, 10:29:52 AM »

Cars For Sale / Re: 1969 GT 500 Red/4 speed $99000
« on: June 03, 2022, 09:00:20 AM »

Up or down

Cars For Sale / 1967 GT 350 4 speed
« on: June 03, 2022, 08:49:51 AM »
67 GT 350
Factory red/4 Speed
Inboards/289HP/Original transmission with VIN
Nice driver with hubcaps/One of 77 Reds


Cars For Sale / Re: 1965 Fastback Red/4 speed
« on: June 02, 2022, 02:51:17 PM »
Is that early white side marker 67 350 for sale thats in the picture?

That's car # 17 which I just purchased.
I'm a sucker for double digit cars.
It's my 12th

Gonna keep it for awhile Jerome...


Cars For Sale / Re: 1965 Fastback Red/4 speed
« on: June 02, 2022, 02:32:00 PM »

Lets play devil's advocate

He has part of 1477. There is no paperwork or serial number. These are facts.

If you take the leap and create either, I think that's illegal and you are taking a chance another version of the car doesn't exist or show up.

You can have a serial number on your vehicle, but you just cant take one you don't have.

Because, if you bet the farm and you're  wrong...

Pete:  I looked at a 67 Shelby awhile back and finally convinced the guy to take off the tag.
It was a nice 67 clone but it was a C Code Mustang.
The seller was still convinced it was a real car.

Finally, I looked at him and his wife and told him "if you sell this as a GT 350 about four months from now you'll get a registered letter in the mail and then a court date".  I told them that I'm not the Shelby police but they're opening themselves up to a major problem down the road.

Soon after they changed their description.



I gotta jump in....

I have long history with SAAC and with Dave Mathews.
Dave has been a real asset to the club and has been devoted to his responsibilities as a registrar.
It's upsetting to read that he "mislead you" about your transmission and your car and he did it purposely.
He would never do that or compromise his reputation.

Also, I know Dennis Collins.
I've purchased a couple Shelby's from him.
He's been upfront and honest about cars he offered me.

I'm not taking sides on this issue...
I don't know your car.

But I thought I should mention that I know both Dave and Dennis.
And they've both been a pleasure to know.

In this world I think we need to stand up for people and their reputation from time to time.
That's all I'm doing..

Bret Matteson




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