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Hello everyone,

I've been scratching my head on something and am curious what everyone else's thoughts are. I realize this could be quite subjective and highly opinion driven. But I am curious to hear just that and any factual/comparative supporting data if you have any.

So, I have looked for years for just the right car. A 2013 GT500 coupe with a specific color combination. According to production numbers, only a very small amount were made in this color with certain seat and insert options. I found one on the east coast about a year ago and let it get away. Anyhow, I recently found another. It basically has all options except navigation, glass roof and the track package. The first two don't bother me much but the lack of the track package is what got me thinking. First impression is this would hurt the appeal of the car. One, the more options, the higher the initial price and typically a higher demand or interest later. Second, its a GT500 with the performance pack, who orders that without the track pack? It's not that much more in the scheme of things for the additional coolers and brake ducts (if you go buy what Ford says is included). Production numbers reflect this as most performance pack cars (roughly 75%) also had the track pack. So not having it could be frowned upon by future buyers. Even if they don't plan to use it on the track regularly. After all, these cars are meant to be driven and I don't see it as an "investment". So shouldn't they have the driving options?

But then I thought about rarity. If only a small number in this color combination were made and most cars had the track package, then this should be a fairly rare variant of those. It also has the Shaker 1000 but not navigation... It's almost like it was ordered to have all the bells and whistles but then someone backed out before completing the rest of the order LOL. You could always add the coolers if you need them but they aren't original and the car didn't come that way as it was fairly unique.

So what say you? More desirable/interesting or less desirable/interesting by not having the track package? Is the potential uniqueness that this maybe could be 1 of 5 or less cars intriguing??? If nothing else, maybe this will be a fun deep thought exercise....

Thanks in advance everyone. Merry Christmas!

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