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Up For Auction / Re: Conelec EFI 1969 Shelby Auction
« on: December 16, 2019, 02:25:33 PM »
Thanks David and Corbins, yes, hard to sell off these cars but I'm losing a 17,000 foot building and being forced to downsize a bit. They are all really great cars and I hope they find good homes- maybe even ones that will let me visit  :)

Best Holiday Wishes to all of you and yours!


Up For Auction / Re: Conelec EFI 1969 Shelby Auction
« on: December 13, 2019, 02:11:19 PM »
Hi, All,

I DO have an affiliation with this car  ;D Here's a better link to the actual listing on Mecum's site vs. the HMN feeder:

I've asked Mecum to edit to PW part I don't know where they got that from. As for the EFI it was always my plan to have a fellow Wisconsinite buddy of mine (ahem! PETER  :D) help me return it to the way it was at Shelby with a Conolec system on it. But, try as I might as Pete mentioned he is trying to source a Conolec car of his own so is holding tight to the EFI bits hidden under his mattress for the time being.

So, 0006 remains today as it was when it was shipped to the Hertz Corporation in late '69 with its original CJ intake and carb on it currently.

It's a great car and if anybody is heading to Mecum please look me up- I'll likely be standing guard near the 13 cars I'm bringing (yikes) and it would be great to see some SAAC folks!

Happy Holidays to you all,


Up For Auction / Re: 1967 Shelby GT350 Paxton Car
« on: December 01, 2019, 02:54:25 PM »
Hi Bob,

Actually as somebody who has owned the car and reviewed its entire history file, spoken to owners, etc. yes I am aware a lot can happen in 23 years. However in this case I can assure you the paint and stripes were done at Cobra Automotive when it was restored. As we all know 23 years is a long time in the continual growth of knowledge on these cars as well as the availability of correct restoration parts as well. This isn't the only '67 that was restored a long time ago and has 65/66 style stripes on it. Wasn't throwing the old Sasquatch hunter under the bus just stating a fact- they did the paint and stripes many moons ago. It is what it is.

Now, since you brought up who should be ashamed I'm not. This is a great old car and as I stated in my post I spent a lot of time and yes a fair amount of money correcting and sorting a bunch of MECHANICAL details as noted in my original post. I have a lot of experience with making Paxton cars run right, in fact one of my discoveries after much dyno time with a see-through carb bonnet I made, as well as tons of road tuning with dual wideband O2 sensors and EGT probes on my Paxton SC '65, was to incorporate a marine spark arrestor on the carb to prevent the "tornado in a telephone booth" from pulling fuel out of the bowl vents. This one mod is so incredibly effective you can typically pull 5-10 jet sizes out and get the car to run spot on A/F ratios. I shared this info with Craig Conley including the mfr and part # for these arrestors and now he considers it a mandatory addition and includes them with his Paxton kits as I understand it.  Anyway on top of this on 2148 I fixed a number of things from a cam that was simply wrong for a boosted application, not only bleeding boost but also needing an electric vacuum pump for the power brakes, aftermarket headers, a "hot rod" exhaust, Hurst shifter, aftermarket 10 spokes, and on and on. So yeah $30k goes by in a blink with stuff like a $5k Scott Fuller concours exhaust and correct '67 manifolds, a rebuilt OE shifter from Jim Cowles, wheels, hubcaps, Polyglas tires, and then going through the engine, trans, brakes, fuel system, suspension etc to make it all work like it should. Oh, I did paint the inside of the trunk as it wasn't finished to my standards and had the original wood steering wheel restored by the same fellow who does them for Bill Kemper's Cobras and others. I also re-did the instrument cluster and detailed the dash to make it nice and crisp.

That said the paint done by Cobra was still excellent, a lot of the interior was still original and really great, and cosmetically the car was super nice so yeah I saw no reason to pull off the side stripes and risk screwing up the paint or having a shadow visible. Simply didn't bother me that much as the car just looks killer as it is. The crappy repop wheels, Radial T/As and fast n' furious exhaust though- all that had to go immediately!

I've never been a die hard concours correct guy as I like good old cars with good bones that run and drive like they should. Or better. Don't get me wrong I appreciate your and others dedication to picture perfect cars that get pushed on and off of trailers just to get rolled into or out of a show, or maybe putter along over a concours lawn, but I'm a driver first and foremost. I get my pleasure from hopping in these cars and driving them hard on the back roads to Road America, a cruise night, or an early Sunday morning blast to feel what it was like when they were new and step back in time. Not one of these cars rolled out of SA as perfect as some like them to be now and I'm not bothered by a GT350 callout that has an extra 2" of white vinyl stripe next to it that shouldn't be there.

So, ashamed I am not. 2148 came into my life as something that wasn't fun to drive and didn't live up to the legend. But it left as something that was all of that and more. My buddy, who has owned it for the past 3 years, has enjoyed that just as much as I have and I'm sure the next owner will too. 2148 is a great car and in the world of 1965-1967 cars a factory Paxton car is hard to beat IMO, especially one that rips like this one does!

Hope this helps explain things a bit.

Wishing you all the best and a very Merry Christmas, Bob.


Up For Auction / Re: 1967 Shelby GT350 Paxton Car
« on: December 01, 2019, 11:32:07 AM »
The person who striped that should be ashamed of himself.

Bob that person would be Curt Vogt who striped it in 1996!

Up For Auction / Re: 1967 Shelby GT350 Paxton Car
« on: November 26, 2019, 12:53:07 PM »
Here's a link to it on Mecum rather than HMN- different description (at least currently)

I don't see the gauges either, don't recall if it had them when I owned it or if Mecum just assumed it does. I'll ask the owner.

Up For Auction / Re: 1967 Shelby GT350 Paxton Car
« on: November 25, 2019, 01:08:54 PM »
Jim Cowles has a guy who I think could make some damn close 15x6 wheels for a 67. And Jim has the correct hubcap lug nuts.

Up For Auction / Re: 1967 Shelby GT350 Paxton Car
« on: November 25, 2019, 09:59:15 AM »
Hi Richstang actually the car was sold at Mecum in May 2016. I was the buyer. Spent about $30k making the car "right" correcting a bunch of details and sorting it mechanically. Sold it to a good friend who has now consigned it to Mecum. I don't know why they regurgitated the former auction text, I'll give him a heads up that it should be updated. I love these factory Paxton cars and this one is a stud! Plus it runs like it should, spent a lot of time dialing it in and it screams. -Colin

Up For Auction / Re: Mecum Chicago
« on: October 24, 2019, 10:59:28 PM »
As somebody who was also at the sale to inspect the cars in detail I will second Pete's statement that "all is not as it appears on the TV."

Up For Auction / Re: Barrett-Jackson Las Vegas 2019
« on: October 08, 2019, 01:48:20 PM »
QSS I think that price for the silver jade 69 was about right for what the car is. Automatic, older "restoration" on a Canadian car, and looked like the engine (and a lot of what is bolted to it!) was rattle-can painted in early Pontiac blue engine paint. Pretty, yes, but far from a six-figure car.

Up For Auction / Re: Barrett-Jackson Las Vegas 2019
« on: October 07, 2019, 10:27:59 AM »
It's a shame the Timken KR has been "field dressed" down to being just another restored car. When I bought the car from Mark Timken it was phenomenal. Restored by Tiemann with Mark calling the shots. Not only all NOS or original parts but Mark also had a box of all of the boxes, labels, etc from the NOS parts! When I owned it the car remained a "pusher" as I didn't have the heart to put fluids in it or blow smoke through that NOS exhaust. The NOS tires and hubcaps were particularly awesome. I saw the car at an MCA show when Les had it and it had been turned into a runner. The trunk mat and a few things "fell off" in the transition to Les from the dealer I sold it to as I recall. Sad to see it as it was just sold at B-J with basically all of the cool stuff gone. And what's with the front ride height? The quality of the body and paint etc I'm sure is still top notch but now it's just an automatic KR with a bunch of repro parts it seems. I sold it because as much as I respected Mark's masterpiece my back didn't enjoy pushing it around my building so much lol.

Up For Auction / Re: “Concourse” GT 500 KR
« on: May 22, 2019, 05:26:25 PM »
Oh man. Even Stevie Wonder wouldn't know where to start. But hey, at least they got them there LeMans stripes and tires spot on, huh? Not many people get them right on a concous(e) KR like this fella did.

Up For Auction / Re: Mecum Indy Cobras
« on: May 19, 2019, 04:40:40 PM »
Apparently there has been some bad information circulated re. Steven Juliano's Cobra CSX2416. It DID sell at the auction, on the block, and there have been no changes to that since. This isn't secondhand info, I was there for the last six days assisting Steven's family with the sale of his collection. Hope this helps clear things up.


Up For Auction / Re: The most famous, and expensive Ford GT.....
« on: December 31, 2018, 04:00:21 PM »
5S010 in back I'd guess Pete?

Up For Auction / Re: The most famous, and expensive Ford GT.....
« on: December 31, 2018, 01:42:38 PM »
Hi, All,

Man some anti-Mecum stuff on this thread! I don't have a dog in the hunt but I have consigned and bought a lot of cars with Mecum and they have been great to work with. Never "goaded" into no-reserve by any stretch. Yeah, on the block they will try to get you to DROP your reserve but that's their job- to get cars sold. From what I've seen most consignors are unrealistic and Mecum plays the role of saying "hey, your car isn't worth $100k but we have a bid of $60k so if you want to take the money now is the time." Tough job I assume. FWIW they are also the only auction company that I've dealt with that will negotiate big time on their fees to get a deal done. I've had them sell cars for me and NET me more than the hammer price to get deals done meaning not only did they not take a selling commission but they've also dipped into the buyer's commission. Even when they don't do that you see it on the TV broadcast all the time where they'll work a deal to death cutting their take to make it happen. It's entertaining and also shows they know the basic business 101 principle that making something is better than nothing.

Now, auctions like Barrett-Jackson simply don't allow reserves unless you have a special car that exceeds a certain value that they determine. Same with RM, Gooding, Bonhams- the general rule is under $250k you are no reserve or you're not selling a car there. Plus you'll be paying full commission too even if you get your a$$ handed to you! Stand around those sales enough and you'll hear some real horror stories.

As for GT109 I saw this car being restored for Dana Mecum at Harley Cluxton's shop in Scottsdale. I was impressed that Mecum told them he wanted it as accurate as possible- and the number of NOS/ original hen's teeth parts they hunted down to do that. Like original plug wires, tires, etc. I think it's unfair to say somebody "never keeps anything" when they rescued a decades-stalled project, paid what it took to buy it and restored it right, had it on the podium at Pebble Beach and other concours events (it was best in show at the Milwaukee Concours for one) and then sells it after 5 years. It isn't like one of these 2 week flippers we see all over today that call themselves "collectors." I can't speak for Mecum but I know for me the thrill is the hunt then getting a car and making it what I think it should be. Once you win the shows, or the races, or have your fun with it then what? Let's face facts Mecum won't be driving this car on the road, nor will it be raced, and it has won at Pebble, etc so now it is a static piece. A pricey one at that. I can't fault him for changing things up, and not that I'll ever know but seems like a guy can only have so many $11M+ cars laying around?

Just my opinions of course. Seems like a lot of these "up for auction" threads get negative really quickly. I think it's cool that Mecum restored GT109 and is offering it at public sale so we can all live vicariously so I don't really understand the negativity. Compare that to a lot of the stuff I see being sold that is clearly misrepresented or being flipped and I'll take seeing a GT40 being sold any day! I'll be in Florida when it crosses the block, as well as the Super Snake. Should be interesting to say the least, not many sales have the level of killer Ford and Shelby stuff that they'll be selling in Kissimmee.

Happy New Year to you all!


As somebody who visited there as a young man even before I knew that kind of "creativity" was wrong I was certain it was wrong!

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