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33% hp increase with this manifold makes it the best manifold ever cast.  😁

I've been contacted by the author (Paul House) of  "Ken Miles the Motoring Maverick "His Early Life Around Cars". He will be publishing a limited run of 75 books sometime in the near future. Hopefully he will respond on here with his contact info.,  as I'd rather not share his contact email without his permission.
The book covers Ken Miles early life in England and the cars he drove while there. Paul can give a far better synopsis of his book, so again I hope he will see these posts and provide details on pre ordering, etc.

~ Steven
SG66, the module I am looking at is a 26R-V3. So probably slightly earlier revision than your 27R-V3..Appears there are revisions within same version of the module.
Up For Auction / Re: 1969 Shelby GT350 in Phoenix, Az.
« Last post by Bill on Today at 09:00:25 AM »
The Shelby number might be helpful

Ad says to all for that
The Lounge / Re: For Phillip/ Propayne
« Last post by propayne on Today at 08:42:32 AM »
LOL! That is great - a clever marketing piece.

Never have seen one before. I would guess 1950s, but it is in nice shape so maybe newer.

- Phillip
Oh by the way.....c'est magnifique !

We saw it live, its the real deal and at 60k for a base model, unbeatable !

We viewed  it as a beater, a daily driver not as a collectable something fun to drive and that is it....

General rule: If it was hot when it was new, it will be hot when it's old. There are always exceptions so who knows except our future selves. Merely removed by time and not space. So therefore give it time.
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