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Wanted to Buy / Re: Starter solenoid fir 65 gt 350
« Last post by Bob Gaines on Today at 10:35:30 PM »
FYI Brown case is typically considered too early for a 65 GT350.
Wanted to Buy / Re: Starter solenoid fir 65 gt 350
« Last post by Karguy on Today at 10:33:24 PM »
I have a brown tone oval FOMOCO used unit that is very clean and tested to work perfectly. PM me it might work for you. We can talk pictures and price if your interested.
Thanks, Karl
1966 Shelby GT350/GT350H / Re: Rear quarter Window Interior Trim
« Last post by Doug C on Today at 10:21:50 PM »
I  would love a set and willing to pay in advance and contribute to tooling-


Cory James

I would also assist with some dollars if needed.  Doug C
Your right Bob !
I have had a 65 K fastback, plain jane, top loader stamped on small Bottom case tab, engine above the oil pan rail as commonly found.

I have never ran into a serial number stamped Borg Warner box, cast or aluminum.
Not sure about the ac cobra.

 In brief Bob : GT 350hr, 63 had last 6 number digits on top trans ear,
1968 Shelby GT350/500/500KR / Re: 68 GT350 Vacuum Canister Location
« Last post by Smity on Today at 10:12:18 PM »
Thanks for the information!
1968 Shelby GT350/500/500KR / Re: 68 GT350 Build Sheet Decoder
« Last post by Smity on Today at 10:11:40 PM »
Hi, trying to determine if the build sheet indicates this car came with tilt away column as original.  Thanks!
The Lounge / Re: Holley
« Last post by Side-Oilers on Today at 10:08:56 PM »
Yep, Randy.   Same thing happened to car magazine publishers. 
The Lounge / Re: Neil Peart's drum kit for sale
« Last post by deathsled on Today at 09:58:53 PM »
Yeah a little. Sleeping on the couch here in Germany. (Not that I expected any different. Or wanted any different. I am done with the mom.) I am here for my son's 12th birthday.
As far as the media article goes, I am willing to bet the widow is still behind it. The media lies about everything. But then again, I wouldn't have a problem getting rid of a pile of her worthless shoe collection if the so-called "shoe was on the other foot."
Wanted to Buy / Starter solenoid fir 65 gt 350
« Last post by DRGT350 on Today at 09:58:22 PM »
Iím looking for an NOS or very good original starter solenoid- 
Please PM me if you can help..

If none available-  what is the correct repop version,  I see brown, black and with fomoco in script with oval as well as in letters in a rectangle..

Thanks you ,

Cars For Sale / Re: 1998 SVT Cobra Mustang Coupe
« Last post by CobraJetSet on Today at 09:38:25 PM »
The Cobra has been sold..
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