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Up For Auction / Re: Invoice of GT1967 no: 0265
« Last post by Kent on Today at 04:47:57 AM »
Maybe post the pics in the thread for the reason that 265 will be found one day.

Just saw these, they look pretty good, anyone use them and care to comment on them?

I bought a set of the Lloyd mats and returned them, the drivers mat is too thin and the holes look stupid. I went with the Scott Drake black rubber 66 mustang mats, they look great. 
It certainly looks like it's him.

Excellent photo find!
This is the first photo I've seen on that right side of the building next to the entrance door for 3217 Carter Ave.
I do believe the third door was part of Shelby American Inc. We just don't know exactly what that office was used for.
Maybe it was the design studio or Pete Brock's "Special Projects" office.
Under "First Rollout at Shelby American Plant Los Angelos summer '67" photo,  is that Phil Remington second from the right?
You appear to have a very good understanding of where the Chevron gas pumps were, as well as the location of the Can am race car on the west side of the Race Hanger #9.

(I don't think this race car was ever named as a King Cobra; noted in that one photo caption. I believe it was called a 'Shelby Group VII')
This yellow #55 raced at Riverside on October 29th 1967 in the Can Am series. I'm not sure it raced anywhere else. It disappeared at the end of the '67 season.

Your photo of the front sliding garage doors (south side of the race Hanger #9; with the Group VII race car) does not show clearly in the blueprint drawings. It's really hard to pinpoint exactly where the door opening was located, as we never really see the entire race hanger facade from left to right. I do think your very close.

Up For Auction / Re: Invoice of GT1967 no: 0265
« Last post by rcgt350 on September 17, 2020, 11:50:02 PM »
Thereís never been any info supplied in the Registries to date for 265 , my car was sold at Fogg too and I have the original invoices like these ones. Iíve also got a photo at Fogg with 265 and two other early GT500s parked together.
Thanks for the additional analysis.  Yes, that is definitely Imperial Hwy in the background (south side) of the Chevron gas pump photos. 

That photo appears it was shot with a long lens, so the apartments in the background may seem close, but they are on the far side of Imperial.

My guess as to why Miles was in a suit would most likely be for a visit by Ford execs, dealers or the press.  Or his wife made him.
1967 Shelby GT350/500 / Re: Carpet trimming question
« Last post by Side-Oilers on September 17, 2020, 10:48:41 PM »
I agree 100%. It was and still is a very big country with many people doing same job differently. As far as me being interested in where /how that tape was applied to the cars I serviced.......just drilled in after a while. Try to remember that I was 20-21 years old back then and had many,many things on my mind...military draft....Viet Nam,girls,race cars,girls, etc. Some things just are etched in my mind.........girls are way ahead of sticky tape memories  :P

Cool Galaxie XL.  429?
SAAC Forum Discussion Area / Re: When Bug Splatter on the Windshield is a Good Thing.
« Last post by CSX 4133 on September 17, 2020, 10:36:43 PM »

On a clean vehicle several coats of paint sealant works to prevent bug guts from adhering to the paint, chrome, etc. I use this product diluted in a squirt bottle and a microfiber cloth to remove bugs, no scrubbing needed and it removes the bug and their proteins that can etch your paint.
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