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  its still half a car.
While I am no expert, I am not convinced at this time of the claims being made.

I'll wait for more definitive proof, one way or the other, before further judgement.


Question - In the past, has there ever been a SAAC "approved or certified" car which did not have its original VIN? Maybe not the Dennis Collins car ........ but, in general, could a car be approved through SAAC using circumstantial documentation?

SAAC works incredibly hard to ensure accuracy in the chain of custody and integrity of each car. My gut tells me SAAC would NOT certify a car without its original VIN.

Does anyone know of any past examples? Thank you fred
Florida Region SAAC / Re: Fighting Negativity 2022
« Last post by FL SAAC on Today at 08:05:48 AM »

Today's inspirational quote :

Freedom is the right to tell people what they do not want to hear.
George Orwell
Wanted to Buy / Wanted: Single (or pair) hipo head: late Feb Ď66
« Last post by martyjac on Today at 07:41:12 AM »
Looking for a single hipo head dated late February Ď66. 6B24, 6B28 etc would be best. Would be interested in a pair also. Thanks in advance.
Wanted to Buy / Re: wanted...69 backup lens
« Last post by Rukiddin on Today at 07:38:51 AM »
NOS or used?
congrats - neighborhood ??
No pics? OK, I found my friend  a B9 and he bought it and picked it up at the Fling. His pics.
Can you title a car from just the tranny #s?!?! :o
It would seem they were successful in matching a Ford serial to a Shelby number.  Its an interesting story, and its still half a car.

As for the hype on the "Vietnam car", I'm not buying its more significant than the real Bullitt.


Correct me if Iím wrong here but thatís just the transmission they got the vin number from ?

As I recall they kept on throwing parts at it and painted everything to make it look original vs the primer s-box it was. I also remember there were several Shelby mods missing, Iíll bet the leaf spring bumpers have magically appeared like the rest of the Shelby parts on the car. Someone is going to get burned.
you cant make Chicken salad out of Chicken poop! even though the poop came out of a Chicken, it is not a chicken. Dennis Collins  has a nice collection of parts bolted and welded on a Mustang Body.. lets hope for his sake he paid accordingly.
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