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Does anyone have the total number of units produced for the 68 model year for both the GT/CS or the High Country Special?  Reason for asking is that the original owner of my 68 race car talked about at one point in 1969 putting the deck lid and rear end caps on his car but was hesitant due to SCCA and homologation concerns.  Would be a neat add to this very historied car that I now have.

Likely is in Newett's most recent book or posted on the registry forum. Not sure why you would consider adding these to a car where you state they were not added only considered if I understand your post.


JohnB, Thanks for posting the link, interesting reading.

One thing i don't see in that link on identifying a Gt/CS which i remember being detailed in the original Paul Newitt registry that i had (the paperback one) ,is the unique trunk lid spring that springs the trunk lid open with out having to lift it ,& that it was not available on any other  mustang  including 68 Shelby's .It's been a while but can someone confirm that piece of info that i seem to have retained form my brief Gt/Cs ownership.


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