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SAAC NW Track Day - August 20, 2020


Guys and Gals, the SAAC Northwest club is holding an open track day on August 20th at Portland International Raceway. They are looking for 50 cars to sign up by June 1st to make the cancellation deadline. No CC charges before that and if the event is canceled due to the virus, all money will be refunded. They have 4 run groups including a special "Vintage Exhibition Group" for all cars pre '73. It will be a 3/4 speed gentlemanly run group with no hassles allowed. It is to encourage you to bring out your vintage track cars for a fun day at the track. We also have standard Novice, Intermediate and Advanced run groups. See the poster. PM me with any questions. You can sign up with no risk at Motorsportreg.  Open to all makes and models of cars.

Less than a month away to sign up.  The club needs 50 cars signed up by June 1 to be able to run.   Sign up if you think you are interested.

Event is still going as scheduled.  Need more participants.  June 1 is deadline for the discount.

All cars welcome.  All brands and all makes welcome.

Log onto Motorsprots Reg to sign up.  Here:

The track day is still on.   August 20th. 


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