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Update from HQ for SAAC 45

Well, the scales have finally tipped and we are announcing that the SAAC-45 National Convention on June 17-19 at Indy will be cancelled.

We truly have waited until the last possible moment to make this call… but the need to have a safe gathering with the quality of a National Event that we all expect has become impossible.

Let me share some of the facts that led to this decision. Indianapolis Motor Speedway is still in limbo as it relates to June events, although they have postponed the Indy 500 at the end of May. Our track partners at SVRA are still feeling a green light for their event on our weekend, but that is continually subject to the external rulings and decisions by the track and the state of Indiana.

The final nail for us to make this call came this week, in the form of official directives that would be a mandate for our event:

No spectators only registered participants.  No spectators from SVRA/ Trans Am or SAAC
No dinner or banquet
No Social gatherings (our Night at the Museum)
Mandatory “social distancing”… 6 foot separation
Masks and gloves onsite required. Gloves – all staff. Masks – all staff
Shields – Registrars, Tech staff when conducting Tech inspections
At-Track Medical info done as part of registration process
No paper Event Programs or schedules to be distributed
No Driver or Car Show Packets will be handed out
No Face to Face Driver Meetings, Done via services like “Zoom” at pre-determined and published times
No food or concession services

…And on, and on and on.

With a different timeline and conditions, we might comply with some of these restrictions to go forward with the event... But looking at all of them, and realizing the risk and expense for our members to attend, it became obvious that this event would not be a fun one.

So, sadly, we have cancelled this event.

ALL preregistrations in place as of this date will be fully refunded with NO cancellation penalties.

We have officially closed the Motorsportsreg site from accepting any more transactions.

If you have already registered for the event, stand by for communications from SAAC HQ for details on your refunds; no action is required on your part.

So… what now?

Preliminary investigations are finding it very difficult to obtain an alternate track/venue date for later this year. You can imagine the number of larger events from Early Spring and Summer that need to reposition.

We are actively looking at alternatives that include joint efforts with local and regional events in the Fall.

Our intention is to do everything possible to not have 2020 pass by without a SAAC National-organized social event.

We will continue to inform the membership and fans officially though Member eBlasts, SAACForum posts and Facebook/Twitter as plans develop.

I am sure many more than your Directors are feeling sad about this… but safety, security  and the ability to enjoy ourselves are mandatory factors that would be missing if we moved forward with a June date.

Please direct any questions or concerns to:

We are pretty inundated with issues, but all correspondence will be read and replied to.

Thanks to all who have worked and supported this event

Ron Richards

On behalf of the SAAC Board of Directors.

Steve McDonald Formally known as Mcdonas:
Are they going to be selling posters with “Canceled” on them. I’d buy a couple, I’m serious, I’d buy them

What a year!  :'(

Here ya go.

Steve McDonald Formally known as Mcdonas:
I’ll order two


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