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Re: Message from computerworks
« Reply #15 on: June 01, 2020, 08:27:53 PM »
When one is a clown, or clowns around by definition... People laugh at the clown, not with the clown. By drawing negative attention to himself because he does not like what is being said is infantile by design. When people are part of a committee, group, or club it is all about what is in the best interest of the  groups thoughts, not the individuals thoughts. Viruses suck as well as our cities burning down, there are more important things to think about these days then worrying about someone posting positive thoughts, and pictures that you don't like. Back to real cars, fake cars, or any cars that pertain to old, fast, beautiful, and hopefully ford made and powered by!

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Re: Message from computerworks
« Reply #16 on: June 02, 2020, 03:06:14 PM »
Right on. Pretty much the same thing I was thinking.


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Re: Message from computerworks
« Reply #17 on: June 03, 2020, 06:45:37 AM »
I will keep this short and sweet. Napoleon Jr. and a couple other cronies trying to strong arm and demean others does more damage than it ever helps. If their responses and commentary here in my absence don't make that clear, nothing will.
They hide under multiple screen names, send hostile PMs, and at some point start acting out like a child to garner attention. They violate the the rules they want enforced and the simple rules of conduct here. I didn't bother posting PMs sent. It's counterproductive and drama that isn't necessary.
I don't have to go look in my wife's purse for my testes, nor do I get butt-hurt easily like some.

I have tried to stay more on topic, even though some of the political discussions that arise are warranted and have to do with our ownership and use of the cars the forum caters to. The liberal sheep deem as damaging to the environment or offensive and would rather they become refrigerators or washers and dryers.
I have tried to be polite many times but I can always tell the weak men who are usually hen-pecked at home or abusive. It shows in their demeanor.

Those that claim to be authorities here often have the tongue of a viper instead of being polite and informative they would rather tear down individuals who seek information instead of politely sharing information, or correcting misinformation they go on the attack.
I am well-read and educated. However, there are no shortages of books written by so-called Shelby authorities that contain more rumors and hearsay than they do historically factual information.
Those here who are studies of the cars also don't share information because they are sweet lovable kind individuals. They do it because it is a plug for what they do. Sell parts, cars, etc. It's for gain and profitable. I don't have an issue with that as long as we're honest about it.

The more recent scolding those who are PAYING members because they are building, own a clone, or make changes to real cars is appaling.

This forum should not be ran as an autopsy room. Yes, we often dissect the vehicles. Trying to find answers to the hows and whys of manufacturing processes, parts procurement, running changes, and assembly technique that varies vehicle to vehicle. Especially the 65-67 cars which often little is founded in concrete but logical deduction.

There is no need for something akin to Sterile Cockpit Rule where only allowing activities required for the safe discussion of Shelby Vehicles may be carried out, and all non-essential activities and subjects are forbidden.

Be careful what you wish for and choose your words wisely. As for the OP: I think we'll change his name to Walter.  Jeff Dunham has is disposition down well.

Now on to something constructive: Completing the restoration of my air conditioner components so I can get them installed.

Good day, Gentlemen.


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Re: Message from computerworks
« Reply #18 on: June 03, 2020, 07:43:06 AM »
I will give you this gift. I only hope when you need help in the future that one of our great contributors that is more interested in talking about fishing, the weather, medical issues, politics, ex wives, their former or current employers, their past military exploits, Corvettes, their disdain for others that are different, or local car shows are able to help you, because these are the posts this forum doesnt need.

If the moderator wants the hide in the Lounge and read them that is his perogative. He can explain it to the membership director.

Thank you to everyone that has sent messages of encouragement.

If you are waiting for SAAC 2.0 to be like 1.0, here is my suggestion, dont hold your breath.

If you are one of those people that thinks ignoring those that are causing the issues or looking the other way is the answer, I respectfully disagree.

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Re: Message from computerworks
« Reply #19 on: June 03, 2020, 10:07:17 AM »
If the moderator wants the hide in the Lounge and read them that is his perogative. He can explain it to the membership director.

No one here hides anywhere.. we are always accessible and try to be non-intrusive, as much as possible.

Glad to see this episode has run its course.... and happy to see people getting back to posting what they like to talk about.

Carry on.