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Non owners but shelby enthusiasts  out there? Just wondering. In the past had a 67 gt500 didnt know  what i had fast forward to day iget a bunch of crap because i m building a clone ( what is your description of a clone?)  Know a lot more than the guy did  looking at for aclient at a crossover then he did. Someone paid for that... he was asking me questions about it..he did not know.. sure would love to be Gold Card holder..but if i dont know it all would love to know answers. If hiding answers how can this move forward?

Note sure I fully understand your points, but my 2c

I have no issue with clones/tributes as long as everyone is honest with what it is (ie not trying to pass it off as the real deal)

I have both, prefer the clone for track/fun as its a lot less stressful  ;)


I don't know anyone that looks down on anyone with a clone.  Now do I believe a person building a clone including myself, should use original rare parts on their clone, no because a person restoring the real car might could use them.  As far as becoming a knowledgeable person to help others (paid or not) that is an absolute great goal and there are many here that will help you.  Enjoy the journey!

I have been an overly enthusiastic member for about 30 years, never owned anything with a genuine S/N. BUT, my FFR Replica is well known, track car, at many conventions. I happily acknowledge it as what it is, a replica, track car, fun car. Yes, I do get lots of sneers from the CSX boys, all of them. BUT, I have more fun than most of them, so it's even.

Enjoy the car, build it for you, have fun, be a good and active member of the club.

Enjoy what you have, drive the wheels off of it. Life is real short


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