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5R002 the Factory Mule at SAAC 35...before

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In my attempts in resurrecting, re-doing  or re-creating some of the old posts I started before, here goes... with an updated twist.

Note* John A the present owner of 5R002 has since restored 5R002 the factory race car to its former glory to the days of its first outing at Green Valley, Texas 1965 and after SAAC 35.

I had the opportunity to take photos of 5R002 early Friday morning with very few people around on the first real day of SAAC 35. We had first crack at it and I had never seen 5R002 up close. I was tooling around looking at all the displays with my friend Daryl and on occasion with Diana, Dominic, Brian and the late Kenny Beers (RIP). Ron Richards was running all around the paddock in a golf cart.

Anyway, back to 5R002. This is how I know and remember 002 after it was found. Enjoy the pics.

~Earl J

That's me standing there with Dominic, Kenny and Brian in the back talking about what's for lunch if I remember. Then there's Daryl in the next two... wishing, and lastly Diana.


Interior shots

Interior back area with interesting holes on the floor, Roll Bar and override traction bars. notice the hammered inner wheel wells also the Long Range fuel tank.




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