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SPECIAL OFFER - The John Atzbach Collection Auction

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Dana Mecum's 33rd Original Spring Classic
July 10-18 at the Indiana State Fairgrounds in Indianapolis.

Members of the Shelby American Automobile Club are offered the opportunity to receive a $100.00 discount on the Standard Bidder Registration and a 50% discount on general admission tickets. The promotional codes that are required to receive the discounts are included here.

Below are the instructions for SAAC members to receive the complimentary bidder registration. The bidder registration includes one Bidder Badge and one Guest badge good for admission to this year’s Spring Classic.

• Visit

• Select the auction bidding method (in-person, telephone or internet) and auction location (Indy 2020)

• Follow the registration instructions to complete Indy 2020 Standard Bidder Registration 

• Enter Promo Code: SAACCLUB20 to receive your discount
The Promo Code is required to receive the complimentary bidder registration. If you are asked to pay a fee to complete your bidder registration you did not complete the registration correctly. Please go back to review the registration. NO REFUNDS.

Please call Mecum Auctions at 262-275-5050 with questions.

Standard Bidder Registration must be completed online in advance of July 9, 2020. Bidder and Guest badges will be available for pick-up at the Pre-Registration Booth at the Fairgrounds. The Promo Code is for members of the SAAC only. Discount may be applied to Standard Bidder Registration. 

Mecum Magazine 

TV Interviews with John Atzbach, Peter Brock, Vernon Estes, and John Kraman 

Digital Catalog

This is great!  What a great reason to be apart of SAAC.    Wow, this is a real treat for the people attending or bidding from home.


Awesome video links at the bottom too!  Thank you!

So I registered and paid the full $200. Can I call them back for the discount refund?

Yes truly “special” indeed

You are paying for the priveledge to bid even more money for something that doesn’t belong to them, and later pay an extra fee if you are a “winner”


You have to think of it has a great car show and entertainment, all for $100! That's how I justify it anyway lol


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