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Hey all . . .  I'm going on a road trip with 6S929, and i'd like to get some paint protection on the front valence, around the headlights, behind the rear wheels, and maybe on the leading edge of the hood, as well . . .  does anyone have a suggestion for where to go for installation?

I install on the east coast. Make sure whoever you use can predraw their own patterns and designs. You don't want them cutting the material on the car. There aren't any patterns available for our cars so you would have to find someone up to the task.

CSX 4133:

An option if you are up to it is temporary clear bra that is removable. It's made by Xpel and was designed for track use, but works equally on road cars for temporary use.

California Car Cover catalog shows a "Road Wrap Kit" FYI.  I have no experience with it, just noticed it.

Alan, I've used Bain as he is mobile and does a great job. I paid $1,000 to wrap the front of my 458 Ferrari. That's a lot more difficult that throwing some clear wrap on a Mustang. 310.613.3978



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