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GT Roadster GT/108 PR Tour 65: Newport Beach Concours d Elegance- Pic found

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i decided to start another Thread of one of my favourite Shelby Vehicels and a magic Point in Shelby Timeline...

Somedays i found this one magic coloured Pic from GT/108

and it was just blow me away... where was it, when was it, why there are no other Pics found

this was nearly 1 Year ago from now and i was very new in this hole Pic Research Thing...
but for me it was just "WOW"

Time goes on and luckywise i found new pics and sources and learned a lot from Richstang
and reading in books.

very similar to the first, but other Persons

last of the first batch was for me the Point for more questions and less answers i hoped too find...

Fantastic in Colour, and the same spot and date from the first one,
but we see more Cars, more Details.

and because of that "Hi-Performance Motors" Sign on the Windscreen i was a little bit confused

i remember a Pic from the HF Database, there title was USRRC Riverside Raceway, May 1&2 1965

we see clearly a lot of Cars on the Start/Finish Line from Riverside,
but not all has Racenumbers, and so i am wondering because why stands all this Cars on
the raceway, there must be a "Shelby Promo Tour" or something like this.
Cars i see:

from left to right
GT350 R - Vin unknown (maybe 5R002)
GT Roadster - GT/108
GT350 (only the rear bumper)
Race Cobra Nr. x98 - CSX 2431 (experimental Cobra)
white Cobra - Vin unkown

Please note this open ATLAS Caravan in the backround, important for other Pics later seen

Edith 23.09.2020 right Pic for x98 Race Cobra CSX2431 on the USRRC Event

other Pics shown a camera Team, but not one of the cars shown befor, but it drives me crazy
and so i hit the internet ... some little news come with the Petersen Archiv Pics

on this award ceremony we see a white Cobra and a GT350 befor the ATLAS Caravan

i hoped to see the other Shelby Cars but on different other Pics around the Start/Finish Line but nothing more to see

but from other Pics we know that some GT350 Street was on the Event

Enough for today, hope you have fun and share some thoughts

in the Next few days we will have a closer look at USRRC Laguna Seca Race with some (hopefully new to you) Pics...

Greets from Germany


It looks like the kid standing by the left wheel in the first photograph has old school braces

Good Eye  :D  i zoomed a little bit and thats right ...

In case you don't know, some of your photos are not from the same date in January at the introduction or April on the GT/108 demonstration tour.
(I agree they are from Riverside.)
The color photo of the Cobra csx2431 (with no white stripes on the nose) appears to be from the LA Times GP event dated October 11th, 1964.
Those "P" watermarked Petersen photos are particularly tough to pinpoint without any notes or captions added from their website.

Hello Rich,

thanks for your critic ... you are right, the coloured Pic from the Race Cobra ist wrong, i will choose the right one for
the Race

i was confused about "98" CSX3002 and "x98" CSX2431, both was on the Race but i cant see the x on the Pic

the introduction and demonstration of the GT Roadster GT/108 was both at the same time
on the USRRC Race May 1&2 1965

(on January 27.01.1965 was the Introduction of the GT350 and only the normal  GT ("Coupe?"))

the Petersen Pics are not so difficult, they put some codes under the Pics, but it is sometime a little
bit difficult to find the right spelling that you get some result (GT350 or G.T. 350 or USRRC or United States Road Racing Championship)
(the Pics are shown are named United States ... )

For all i will post some Pics i forgot yesterday about USRRC Riverside Race May 1&2 1965

That is described at "Turn 6" on Riverside, anbody can this confirm ?

the sceond shows the white Street Cobra on the racetrack with Carroll befor ...
(i am not sure thats on riverside, maybe somebody knows it better ... )


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