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Boss Rear Quarter Panel Lip Rolled?


I was looking at my 1970 Boss the other day and am thinking someone back in the day rolled the rear QP inner lip inward- not just at the top but much of the way around. Can someone post a few pictures of that inner lip so I can see where in the radius it starts to go from flat to rolled and how much?  The very top mine is pretty well rolled so no half inch or anything of flat lip metal. If I can get some decent photos of an untouched original I may try to reform mine to an original look. Thanks for your help

If you talking about rolls from the factory  don't have any - all the unrestored original paint 70 Boss 302s I have pictures of  are not rolled at the rear wheel wells

On this example a PO got in there with a black rattle can so wheel wells are now blacked out unlike original

Three different examples - just happened to all be the same exterior color. Just deformed a little from the spot welding machine and the worker doing the task

Could post many more - all the same though

After seeing those pictures its clear that mine were rolled in a little at one point for bigger tires.  Thanks so much for the pictures I can now figure out my game plan.


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