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i am not very close to Ford GT or GT40 history but i hope to show some interessting

in Switzerland the Importeur for Shelby was "Performance Cars Ltd." wich was
ruled by Georges Filipinetti
he has the Scuderia Filipinetti and ran with different Drivers some GT40, even in LeMans

The Test Drive and Shooting must be nearly at the same Day, Test was shown in September 1966
all Pics shown P/1033 after the reworked from Custom Body Specialist "Graber" and ready to sell on public,
Colour was Silver/Black and was later Shown on Geneva Auto Show in 1967

i would like to show first an overview from Performance Cars Ltd. Headquarter

P/1033 "Graber"

from back to front: 66GT350 / Ford Cortina / P/1013 Ford Press Car / P/1033 "Graber"
the pic was made on the outside Place from Performance Cars between HQ and the little Skysraper Building

Advertisment befor the Motor Show of Geneva in 1966 for adress

First i like to show the Pics from P/1013 "Ford Press Car" with englisch License Plate OVX 355 D

Pic in the outside Parking Lot from Performance Cars, same Time Code like the Group Photo
very good seen in the cement flooring

for the ride on Switzerland Autobahn / Highway the car was registered for the Switzerland Car Magazin
with Switzerland License Plates just fixed over the englisch license Plate ...

in the Car Magazin stand the they rides about 250 Kilometres ( 155 Miles )  which seems a pretty long test ride

on a different place the Car was also screwed up to show full technical Details,
most Closeup Pics was used for showing the difference between normal "Street" and "Graber Custom"

a very interesting and cryptic Pic was found with this sticker,
anybody knows what that has to say
i read "Last Day to shown" "1966" "17-10"

Funny Fact, the Test Driver was pretty high and this shows perfect how small 40 inches was ...

What do you think about that ??? all known or something new ...

Second Part with P/1033 "Graber" comes tomorrow, in Germany it is 2 a.m.

Greets from Germany

Stephan  :)

Very interesting thanks for sharing

Stephan...WOW, you hit the jackpot with this large gathering of photos.

These photos of P/1013 (the first Road Coupe) are exceptional!
I don't recall ever seeing the leather added for the street model interior or the center hood vents and nosed removed.
Was this Swiss Magazine road test taken in September 1966 or was that date for P/1033 and the 'Graber' body upgrades?
The test driver needed a Gurney bobble on the door to give him another inch or two of headroom.

The two photos of Performance Cars LTD are an added bonus. I didn't realize the second photo was taken outside, to the right of the showroom.
I also missed the 66 GT350 behind the Cortina and two GT40's, until I read your note on that photo.

Thank you for sharing all of these with us!!!

Awesome photos

Thanks for sharing

Decal says “last day of the month is shown”

Stephan, I really enjoyed you post, great period photos. I see an AM radio and the speaker in driver's door, never would have thought it would be equipped with that. (photo 15) Could you even hear the radio?   


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