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HELP with Carroll Shelby Photo in '70 Performance Buyer's Digest

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I've long been trying to find the source of this great Carroll Shelby photo that I have, of him looking up to the night sky. Is it at Sebring I wonder?? Anyway, I've had it for so long that I always thought I recalled that it was from some magazine. I was astonished when I removed it from its sleeve and found that it was actually from a 16-page Ford '70 Performance Buyer's Digest.

Now, I have two different 1970 Performance Buyer's Digests - one dated 8/69 and one dated 1/70, and it's definitely not in either of those two. Each of mine have 16 pages, and every page is numbered in both versions. The Torino page on the back side of the Shelby photo is not numbered, so it is absolutely from a different dated Performance Buyer's Digest than the two I have.

Does anyone here have the Buyer's Digest that contains this Shelby photo? If so, I would love to see the cover, learn the date of it and hopefully acquire one for myself!


Hi Kieth, I read just read your request regarding the Performance Buyers Digest, and I just wanted to let you know that I went through all my literature, and I can't help you either. Perhaps one of our BIG time collectors will read your post and be able to help you. Good luck 

The back of the head of the guy in the COBRA jacket looks as though it might be Phil Hill - maybe Sebring '65?

Just a thought...

I can't see a Performance digest magazine putting a '65 photo in a 1970 digest. Both cars are '70 cars. JMO

I have the actual page literally in my hand, or I wouldn’t believe it either. The image that I stitched together is of both sides of the same piece of paper. I’ve had the Shelby photo in an album for decades, but only very recently pulled it out of the plastic sleeve and looked at the backside of it.

What really has me wondering, is why Ford would have been aligning themselves so much in 1970 when, if you will, ‘that (Shelby) ship had sailed.’  That they would attach an entire page photo of Shelby on the backside of a page of 1970 Torino artwork is beyond puzzling to me now.

Again, I have two other different ‘70 Performance Buyer’s Digests (different dates) and neither of them have this Shelby photo inside. Sadly, I must have had the entire brochure at one time, but apparently elected to discard the rest of it as I found the Shelby photo more interesting.


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