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HELP with Carroll Shelby Photo in '70 Performance Buyer's Digest

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--- Quote from: goingthing on December 02, 2020, 09:14:53 AM ---My guess is that is not from the 1970 Performance Digest. That page is not 16 in there. I believe that is a magazine advertisement. If you look on Ebay there are several two page ads of that exact advertisement. Yes they talk about the Performance Digest in the ad but its from a magazine or other publication.

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Okay, wow - thatís a very keen observation of yours, Thanks for chiming in! After you posted that, I did go back to my page, and yes, it does now feel more like magazine paper, youíre right. The Performance Buyerís Digest pages are a bit heavier, like a brochure type of paper would be. That, and the fact that every page in both of my Digestís do have page numbers on them (and this page does not) lends all credence to your theory.

Thatís whatís so cool about bouncing stuff like this off of other sets of eyes. My mind was just preset on what I thought it was, therefore it kept me from considering other explanations.

Off to eBay now to contact the sellers of those Torino ads, and find out whatís on the backside of them!

Thanks again,

Keep us updated on what you find. Interested in which magazine and month it was in and what the Shelby picture went with on the opposite page. Could have been a story or part of a advertisement.

So far, Iíve run into misinformation, false leads and frustration. But I think I finally uncovered the crumb of information I needed, and have placed an order.

Waiting to have it in my hands though before I confirm the source here...

Thanks again for your help, I really appreciate it,

TA Coupe:
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