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HELP with Carroll Shelby Photo in '70 Performance Buyer's Digest

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Would it have something to do with Ford buying the Cobra name for $1, and then promoting several of their '70s models with some sort of Cobra name?

A pix of CS with the Cobra logo was probably still cool to many Ford performance car buyers in 1970.

Well, that all makes good sense, and I agree with your thoughts.

I guess I was still stuck back in time a bit before that, when Ford was introducing/promoting all the Mustang models (Mach 1, Boss, etc.) that were in direct competition with the Shelbys. Thatís what prompted my line of thinking when I made those observations...

My guess is that is not from the 1970 Performance Digest. That page is not 16 in there. I believe that is a magazine advertisement. If you look on Ebay there are several two page ads of that exact advertisement. Yes they talk about the Performance Digest in the ad but its from a magazine or other publication.

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I think the add was more about selling fords new 429 cj  scj models .  I had a 1970 429 scj shaker torino cobra and it was a separate model by itself blacked out hood grill etc and snake emblems and COBRA lettering with snakes. It also had special unique cobra door panel emblems and dash emblems for the unique cobra model.


--- Quote from: SFM66H on November 29, 2020, 07:31:52 PM ---I've long been trying to find the source of this great Carroll Shelby photo that I have, of him looking up to the night sky. Is it at Sebring I wonder?? Anyway, I've had it for so long that I always thought I recalled that it was from some magazine. I was astonished when I removed it from its sleeve and found that it was actually from a 16-page Ford '70 Performance Buyer's Digest.

Now, I have two different 1970 Performance Buyer's Digests - one dated 8/69 and one dated 1/70, and it's definitely not in either of those two. Each of mine have 16 pages, and every page is numbered in both versions. The Torino page on the back side of the Shelby photo is not numbered, so it is absolutely from a different dated Performance Buyer's Digest than the two I have.

Does anyone here have the Buyer's Digest that contains this Shelby photo? If so, I would love to see the cover, learn the date of it and hopefully acquire one for myself!


--- End quote ---

Veey kool add


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