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"inside the snake pit" article?

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Does anyone know what magazine this article was in? It looks like a very interesting read and I'd like to see the additional photos!

It's just an image that I grabbed from somewhere that didn't have any info:


I used to know the author/photog David Gooley. He was for the most of his career a freelance writer and racing photog.

That might be an East Coast car magazine, or a small circulation West Coast mag. The paper doesn't appear to be the quality that the larger mags used. But it is very old, so I can't tell for certain.

Looks like a neat piece.

Okay, Thanks. Maybe a Google search of David Gooley will lead me to a magazine he wrote for or something...

Hello Kieth,

i am a little late for the party, but i hope i can help you ...

The Articel was in the Riverside Raceway Septembre 1965 issue, it was a 4 Site articel with
very impressive pics from the Super Coupe inside LAX on an unkown spot

and shows some nice Pics from inside the Race Hangar and the machines and parts used

Have fun


That's a nice article. Thanks for posting. Kinda' difficult to find these days.


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