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69 GT500 Fender inner colors

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Calypso Coral:
Recently started removing aftermarket under coating on my 69 GT 500. I found that the passenger side was mostly body color all the way to the front of the fender inner. On the driver’s side I found body color through the shock tower. Can anyone tell me where I might find information on what it should look like?

Not sure that we've posted pictures of these details since the forum resurrection. Search might turn up something if there the other thread you posted to and its attached article should help.

There is not one exact way it should look like but a range or a number of possible finished looks based on how far or how much effort each  of the multiple painters did when each painted in that area of the unibody

Working on relinking since these versions are not storied on the same site as the original ConcoursMustang Forum ones are

You have to clarify “what it should like”

What was intended and what really happened are different

Calypso Coral:
The link really doesn’t show the inner fender detail. So would you say it’s a safe bet to reproduce what I found? Here’s an image of the passenger side.

It appears you may have cleaned the black off with the undercoating.  Black out sprayed over body color would be easily cleaned off because the body color was not scuffed.

The oem specification was all black on the backsides of all four aprons. Hard to reach areas like bottoms of the upper lips and battery tray were often bare steel.

Interestingly, you have also revealed the factory “DR” notation written in chalk.


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