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44th Annual Indiana SAAC Spring Fling

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We had our board meeting today, and are set to go for the 44th Indiana SAAC Spring Fling.
May 20, 21, 22.
Have a special guest speaker lined up, and are expecting a fantastic turn out.
Newsletter with registration info should hit the mailbox late Feb. or early March.
We are waiting to see how the state of Indiana sets Covid guidelines for the spring before we make final adjustments.
Can't hardly wait!

I'll be there


 Featured car for the 44th IN SAAC Spring Fling will be the 1966 GT350H!!! If you have a 66 Hertz car, we would love to see you and your car at this years' Spring Fling. Let's make it happen.
I know there are cars around that don't get out much, now is the time to get them out in the sunlight.

Going to try for a group photo shoot.

We will bring #452 --- What are you bringing?

Registration will open soon.


Glad to hear you're planning on having sunshine.


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