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44th Annual Indiana SAAC Spring Fling

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Steve McDonald Formally known as Mcdonas:
I just pulled the engine out of mine today. Should be done Thursday

I'm interested in attending your fall event and bring one of my Shelby's. Can someone from SC attend? I really enjoyed last Indy event, but they gone west this year and left us high and dry in the east. Look forward hearing from you. Regards, John

We welcome cars from all over the world.

44th Indiana SAAC Spring Fling is this week!!! Pony Trails is Friday, we have 97 cars in the group. Sat. is show day, expecting high 80's and sunny.
Sat. evening is our banquet with a very special guest speaker.
Really looking forward to this show.
Hope to get pictures posted next week.
Come enjoy our meet, and take in Mecum Indy on same trip.


Steve McDonald Formally known as Mcdonas:
All packed up and hitting the road at the butt crack of dawn tomorrow. Hope to pulling to Abe Martin Lodge before the sun goes down


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