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44th Annual Indiana SAAC Spring Fling

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We always plan on sunshine, but don't always get it.
Maybe we will put Special Ed in charge of forecast this year!

Special Ed:
As odd as it can be having a spring fling car meet outside in the park since the late 70s this show has NEVER been rained out and when it did rain it wasnt so much that the show still went on and thats one reason why this show always get a good showing as its rainout proof haha.

I see on Facebook that registration is open at www,

Yes, Registration is now open for the 44th IN SAAC Spring Fling, in beautiful Nashville, IN

We are quickly filling up. Looks like the 44th Spring Fling is going to be a big one.
Also, we will have two guest speakers this year. One on Friday evening, and one on Saturday evening.
Hope to see you all in Nashville, Indiana.


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