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Who knows that green book for 67 Shelby

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Has anybody seen this book and maybe knows what it is and where I can buy it?

TA Coupe:
Looks a lot like a couple of books that I bought at a swap meet. they were printed in England. If I remember one of them is for Cobra and the other is Ford GT40.


Can you maybe check who published it. Just for my interest.

Is that the book that came with the scale model of the Super Snake ? It doesn't look like it.


Kent,  where did you find that image ? I'm sure you already checked it out for any clues, I wonder is it specific to '67s ?

I put your image and question to a French forum I frequent, somebody there who has a lot of Mustang books, 100 + ! said that he

 didn't know that book.

In hind sight I don't think it's the book that came with that '67 scale model, I think that was more of an assembly manual ?

I'm curious about it as well.

Maybe Roy TA Coupe will come up with something ?



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