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Anyone interested in old Snakebite Bullitins?


January 11, 1923:
Back in the day I would put them in binders and I am upgrading my office and moving a bunch of stuff to the dumpster.
These included.  Thought I would see if they were of interest to anyone before doing so.

Dave Shaffer

67 GT350:
Those were so cool, I always loved getting them!
If I read them today, I would cry! 67's cheap on up, 65 actually obtainable, 66's everywhere, 69's, bosses, GT's, cars parts.....
What we thought was a lot back then.
That was a fun hobby back then, or was that the beginning of the.....

 I don't know why I missed them, but, I'll take issues #1, #2, and #3 if you have them.  P/M to get my address.  Thanks.

January 11, 1923:
This have been spoken for.



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