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New Ford GT destroyed in L.A. crash

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Don Johnston:
Any left coasters know about this?  Looks pretty bad. Car gone, hope occupants are okay.


KR Convertible:
If it was the car photographed earlier in the day from the end of the article, it wasn't a "new" GT.  That one is an '05/'06.

67 GT350:
05 and 06 FGT's are often referred to as "New GT" the newer ones are also referred to as "New GT" so unless it stated it, it can be 05 to present. When I refer to my car as a new GT, people think it is a Mustang.

But I digress, that accident does not sound like it has a good result. I hope I am wrong. It is not a good sign to read that someone was lying on the ground motionless. I hope they are alright.

I can only speak for my 06. That car can get away from you anytime, you have to respect it. I am older and I think wiser and i will say the things I have done in the 80's with my GT350 were crazy, if I only used half throttle and did the same stufff in my 06, I would not be here to write this. High speed mistakes are not that forgivable.

Pray for the best!

CSX 4133:

I suspect the GT and the Alfa were involved in a street race of some sort.

Instagram post said the owner of the GT had a brain aneurysm while driving


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