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Re: Hovander's High School car! - Boss 302
« Reply #30 on: June 24, 2021, 07:37:36 PM »
what is a cross boss and manifold worth? my friend has one.

As with everything condition, condition, condition is a big determination in the value of the CROSS BOSS intake and carburetor. In addition to that which carburetor the D0ZX-9510-A (875 CFM) the D0ZX-9510 (1425 CFM) brings a lot to the table. The "B" carburetor is useless on the open plenum CROSS BOSS intake manifold. So if you have a "B" carburetor and the single four intake manifold you find yourself shopping for the "A" carburetor. I have heard stories about these carburetors being NOS but spent the best part of the last 50 years on display not in the best environment and having slight corrosion on the insides of them. A few have been abused, so even being brand new doesn't necessarily make them usable. Typically it is best to have your carburetor prepared for use by Kelly Coffield. He supports all the spare parts you would need.

As for the bigger "B" carburetors they are happy used in an IR application.