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John Timanus motorcycle racing


While reading through the book titled Flat Out! The Rollie Free Story, John Timanus is mentioned racing an Ariel 500cc single, in 1947, at Rosamond dry lake, and winning the 30.50 inch gas class with a speed of 98.32 MPH.  Does anyone know more about John's motorcycle racing efforts?

The ISBN of the book is 9780979340703

 My father in law raced with all those guys after ww 2. He was quite the racer and the one to beat in the 40s and 50s. He raced Nortons, Triumphs, BSA, Vincent and anything else that could get up to speed back then. His name was Charles Howseman and his good friend Max Bubeck taught Rollie the lay down to cheat the wind method. Look up worlds fastest Indian. He set a record at Rosamond in a roadster with flat head power at 147 around 1949. They rode around SO-CAL at well over 100 mph going to and from the races perfecting this method to go just a little faster. He told me the faster they went the more stable it was, except when there was a pothole or dip in the road! He lived to 93 and Max to 94... Some of the craziest stories to have lived and survived... RIP CHAS. :D


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