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I forgot all about this one-off Cobra, built by Ghia on a csx3000 chassis (csx3063)
It was noted to have been displayed in 1965 at the Turin, Italy motor show, only to vanish afterwards.

The front 3/4 view sort of reminds me of a Japanese roadster of the era.

Ali McGraw as the spokes person?

Reminds me of an Intermeccanica Italia;

That Intermeccanica Italia is a much nicer looking car to my eyes!
The body is sexier and the windshield rake is much nicer at the low angle on the pillars

(Ally Mcgraw; I see some similarities in one photo, but not in the others.)

I think that the Italia has similar styling features but is much better refined.

The Italia has been compared to the NART Ferrari's and I think that is a very favorable compliment.

It's very easy for me to see the faults in the departure from the Cobra lines by AC for this design but I have to think that the Cobra's success was because of Shelby's promotion of the car and would have been a non-entity without it.

Even as such, how can anyone consider the Cobra a sucess with the paltry production numbers?

The last batch of 427's that dealers had were hard sells to say the least and that was with the 427's put back in instead of the 428's.

This AC attempt at refining the design didn't help anything. Those cars were aimed at a market that hardly existed at all and maybe just stimulated by speculators that they would somehow be discovered by the "general population" and catch fire?

For whatever the last version of the coil spring chassis Cobra was, it wasn't an Aston Martin wanna' be like this design is. Anything but.

You can't rewrite history. It is what it is. This design never went anywhere.
The Cobra WAS a brilliant design. It wasn't for everyone, just hardly for anyone

I think there were two of them because I have seen pictures of two headlight treatments. One was dark blue with a saddle tan interior.The question is if Shelby placed  the order with Ghia why was there no subsequent publicity? The answer might be that DeTomaso, his erstwhile buddy, was buying Ghia and might have hoped Ford would order  it, But then Shelby and DeTomaso soured on each other so Shelby didn't want to champion him. But contradicting that is the display of  a Mangusta at Ford wearing the grille badge Shelby Mk.V so it's possible those two collaborated more than once how to get into Ford's pocketbook.


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