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Found some older write-ups from forum 1.0. Might as well repost them instead of getting lost forever.

“SHELBY” lettered parts - SAAC MKI:

These were only included on the first 13 built cars. Afterwards, they switched to all the “SAAC” lettered parts for production. Both versions were available through the SAAC Parts Company
#SAAC -6582-MKIA =“SHELBY” lettered Valve Covers

#SAAC-9E434-MKI =“SHELBY” lettered GT40 Intake Manifold Top Plate

#SAAC-9E433-MKIA =“SHELBY” lettered Mustang Intake Manifold Top Plate
(The Mustang Intake Manifold Top Plate was never used on a SAAC MKI or MKII)

“SAAC” lettered parts - SAAC MKI, MKII, & SNAKE:

These were the typical production parts included throughout production. 
#SAAC -6582-MKII = “SAAC” lettered valve covers
(Only a few SAAC SNAKES had this option, most had standard Mustang valve covers)

#SAAC-9E434-MKII = “SAAC” lettered GT40 intake manifold top plate
(I have seen the actual part with the number; SAAC-9E934-MKIA)

#SAAC-9E433-S = “SAAC” lettered Mustang intake manifold top plate is listed as part number;
(These were only used on the SAAC Snake without the upgraded engine option)

Oil Filler Cap

The “CS” lettered oil fill cap was only included on the first 13 MKI cars built
(It was placed on a 14th car, completed for sale later, prior to the sale: CX1). 

The “OIL” lettered oil fill cap was only put on one car, MKII 004.

For the remainder of production, they were switched to three digits of the actual car number
Only the “CS” oil cap was available from the SAAC Parts Company.
#SAAC-3200-A = “CS” oil filler cap (CS=Carroll Shelby)


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