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Come on out for the sweet scent of Avgas and awll. It's an excuse to get together, spin some yarns, get out your hardware, chow down and celebrate Friends, Aircraft and Flight ... if you have a plane or muscle car - please bring it. If not, bring a good story ... it will not be fact checked.

My dad soloed me at the Joliet airport on December 26 (can't remember the year) but itís too damn cold to celebrate then so this is a June 26, 2021 half year party at "T" hangar L11 which is the most south and east "T" hangar at the airport. It starts at 11:30. If you fly in there is parking and if you drive a collector car there is a limited access parking lot adjacent to the hangar. The 90 year old airport is located at 4000 West Jefferson (Rt 52). There will be food but ONLY if you RSVP. 

There is no agenda, presentation, speech or magic show. There will be non-vegan comfort food (IF you RSVP) BUT - if you want to bring a dish to pass - Chili, Cornbread and Salad is great as well as anything with Sugar. Live music courtesy of my JBL. 

Bring: yourself, a guest, a folding chair and a play list. DTP optional.

FoMoCo / Shelby, Mopar, GM, Piper, Cessna, Beech, Grumman, White Sox hardware and people - and all others welcome... even some cubs fans.
The attached pictures were taken about 5 years ago so you can recognize me with different hair lengths.  

Bob / csx3146

Royce Peterson:
City and state?

Off hand guess: Outside of near Joliet Illinois

Attached photos?

4000 West Jefferson (Rt 52), Joliet, IL.
It's been a long time since we have gotten together. Let's make this meet a good one. It will be too hot for chili, but we'll have good times, food, music and story telling.
Please RSVP to Bob at: or me at:


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