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Need help documenting my GT350H

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I'm looking for someone in SE Michigan who can help me document 6S984.

Have you contacted the SAAC Registrar for the '66 GT350's;

1965-66 Shelby SAAC Registrar   Howard Pardee

Thanks JD, I will send him an email.

98SVT - was 06GT:

--- Quote from: JD on May 21, 2021, 12:12:09 PM ---Have you contacted the SAAC Registrar for the '66 GT350's;
--- End quote ---
Howard will check that the Ford number you provide matches the factory records. He'll give you the known info on your car. Sometimes he has copies of the original shipping invoice. As far as "documenting" your car beyond that you'll need to have someone put eyes on it and inspect it. If it's a driver that may be more expense than return. If it's a 100 point restoration with no judging record you should have one of the SAAC judges fly in and check it out to maximize your return. Repro parts and wrong date codes can greatly effect value as much as shoddy workmanship. Also a past judging record is no guarantee since some unscrupulous sellers have been known to swap expensive genuine rare parts that cars were judged with for common cheap repro parts when selling.

It's not a 100 point car and the VIN was verified back in the 90's. She is a driver though.


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